How To Make a Tic Tac Toe Toilet Paper Holder
How To Make a Tic Tac Toe Toilet Paper Holder

10 Beautiful Toilet Roll Holder Ideas

Toilet Roll Holder Ideas

In most homes, the toilet roll holder that comes along when you buy a new house is just enough for one toilet roll. But, wouldn’t it be better if it can hold multiple rolls instead? I mean, it’s convenient. There’s lots of vertical space in the toilet for that. What we want is to make use of the space with something that we will use and toilet rolls are one of the essentials in a happy toilet. Without further ado, let’s see what we have in the list!

1. Tic Tac Toe Toilet Roll Rack

Your toilet deserves a nice decoration. Why not decorate it with the design of the famous paper-and-pen game, tic-tac-toe? It’s less likely we will be playing this in the toilet with someone else while we’re taking a crap but it does look nice enough to be put onto the empty walls.

2. Sheep

It’s about time we have some animal-themed decoration in the house. The sheep is the perfect design for toilet rolls. That’s because the toilet rolls resembles the pattern of a sheep’s wool. The toilet rolls are held together by a semi-circle strip. Come to think of it, it may look funny if there’s just left one or two rolls on it.

3. Toilet Roll Shelf

A shelf is always versatile and fit for all sorts of things but this one. This is something special just for toilet rolls. The indentation is just right to fit the standard size rolls. It also can be stacked way up high.

4. Wall Hanging Pallet Toilet Paper Roll Holder

Pallets or any wooden boards that you can scavenge, like old doors and shelves can be used for this creation. It’s simple but it’s useful. Talk about saving a few dollars.

5. Toilet Roll Tree

With used wooden planks, you can cut out a tree shape board for a nice toilet roll tree. Be sure to measure the size of the center of the toilet roll so you get the right fit.

6. Sewed Toilet Roll Holder

This neat piece of work requires a mother’s touch. You can sew this out with scrap fabric or used clothes and jeans. Best of all is that you can add as many slots as you want to fit the empty wall space that you have. You can sew tiny little decorative on it to make it prettier.

7. Magazine Holder

Repurpose your magazine holder to hold your toilet rolls instead. You can put this behind the cabinet or anywhere safe from splashing water.

8. Slot-in Rack

This DIY can be made from reclaimed wood. It has a cylindrical wood sticking out for you to slot your toilet rolls in. You can place this near the entry way of the bathroom that’s safe from shower water.

9. Toilet Roll Stand

What an amazing work! The slots are precisely carved to fit a toilet roll perfectly. There’s a tiny area on top that you can put your decorative such as a flower vase. Just be sure to secure it properly to avoid it from falling over if someone accidentally knocked it.

10. Vertical Stick Toilet Roll Holder

It’s a stick! It’s a marshmallow! It’s a vertical toilet holder! It might be a good idea to expand the area of it’s base for stability purpose.

We hope this fascinating list inspired you in turning your toilet roll as part of your home decor. Some of the creative works here are really amazing not only in making use of the wall space but also provide interesting aesthetic value into your cozy home.

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