40 Fun Scavenger Hunt Riddles for Kids and Teens | Scavenger Hunt Riddles At Home
40 Fun Scavenger Hunt Riddles for Kids and Teens | Scavenger Hunt Riddles At Home

These adorable Cute Easter Scavenger Hunt clues are fun for kids of all ages. Download this Easter Scavenger Hunt printable. The Easter Egg Hunt Riddles will lead seekers on a treasure hunt at home.

Want to toss in a little Easter fun this spring? Take your kids on an at home Scavenger Hunt. Keep or remove your traditional outdoor Easter Egg scavenger hunt and take everyone on a guided Easter treasure hunt around the house.

Easter Scavenger Hunt Ideas

How do you make Easter fun? A guided Easter Scavenger Hunt is a fun way to twist up the classic Easter Egg Hunt tradition. With our 20 at home scavenger hunt clues, hop through the house with Easter-themed clues using rhyming riddles.

There are a few different ways you can handle this Easter Treasure hunt. Have a an Easter egg with candy at each location, have a fun little treasure or treat with your clues, or save a big Easter basket for the end of the Easter bunny treasure hunt.

Easter Scavenger Hunt for Toddlers

These Easter Scavenger Hunt clues are very appropriate for preschoolers. If you have a child who cannot read an adult or older sibling can help them read the clues and solve the Easter Scavenger hunt riddles. Have them get silly hopping like a bunny to each new location.

Easter Egg Hunt Clues for Older Child

As a mother of five, I know the older kids tend to be left out of the treasure hunt fun especially when it comes to your outdoor Easter egg hunt. Apparently no one likes to see a teen with an Easter egg basket out racing young kids. While the little kids can delight in the outside Easter Egg treasure hunt fun, allow your youth and tweens to enjoy an at home Easter Treasure hunt. Fill the teen eggs with only something they would love like make-up, new phone chargers, fuzzy socks, sour candy, or even money!

Easter Egg Riddles for Adults

Gift your spouse some inner childhood Easter fun. Use these Easter egg hunt riddles for adults instead of the kids. Fill plastic eggs with fancy candy one would never share with the kids. Alternative Easter Egg fillers for adults could also include mini alcohol bottles, socks, tie, self-care products, or even lottery tickets.

Glow in the Dark Easter Egg Hunt

Try this alternative to Easter morning. Another fun way to twist up the traditional Easter Egg hunt is with glow in the dark eggs. You can buy glow in the dark eggs or make your own DIY glow in the dark eggs. Pair with your treasure hunt clues for a fun adventure and prize after the sun goes down.

All of these fun Easter ideas can be a scavenger hunt with eggs or without.

Easter Egg Hunt Riddles for Around the House

Easter Egg Hiding Riddles are great for controlling your child’s environment. They lead your child around the home instead of letting them run wherever on a traditional Easter Egg Hunt.

Take a look at these cute Easter clues for peeps all ages.

Rhyming Easter Egg Hunt Clues included in this printable:

Hand your child the first clue card or let them find it beside some half eat carrots (perhaps left out by the Easter bunny!)

Happy Easter! Let’s have some eggs-tra fun! Follow the bunny trail and find a prize when you’re done. The first clue is where the dirty clothes get spun.

The hunt has begun, so think like a winner. Where do you go when it’s time to eat a nice dinner?

Where did the bunny hide the next clue? Hippity Hoppity your way to look inside your shoe.

The Easter bunny likes carrot juice for a drink. Now take a look for the next clue under the kitchen sink.

You’re egg-cellent at this fun treasure hunt. Find your prize on the grass out front. Happy Easter!

… plus 15 more fun Easter clues for kids of all ages. Each clue will lead your seeker to find the next clue until the reach the final card with a prize out front in the grass.

Easter Scavenger Hunt Clues Printable

Hippity hop hop… Easter’s on its way! These 20 Easter Scavenger Hunt clues are perfect for an at home scavenger hunt. Choose the order of scavenger hunt clues and omit the Easter hunt clues that do not fit your home or seeker. At the end of the Easter treasure hunt, find a surprise gift, candy or even the Easter basket!

These Easter Treasure Hunt riddles will lead your seeker indoors and outdoors. You can use the 20 easy-to-read Easter Bunny Scavenger Hunt printable paired with or without Easter Eggs.

What you get with purchase:

  • 20 Easter Themed Scavenger Hunt Riddles printable PDF Instant Download
  • Easter Scavenger Hunt Riddles Answer Key

Easter Scavenger Hunt Clues PDF

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Easter Scavenger Hunt FAQs

Do I have to use all 20 Easter Scavenger Hunt Clues?

You can split these Easter Scavenger Hunt clues. For example, if you don’t have a flower pot or the freezer is not a place you want your child to go, omit that treasure hunt card.

What are fun Easter Games?

Find similar content and more fun Easter game ideas. These include Easter Minute to Win it Games and Easter Party Games.

Who is this Treasure Hunt Appropriate for?

This treasure hunt can be used with toddlers, young kids, teens and even adults. The riddles would be geared to a child, but there is no reason that an inner child cannot have fun with the Easter activity too. Pair older kids with younger kids that cannot read.

Do you use Easter eggs in this hunt?

The use of Easter eggs and the amount of prizes is up to you. Have an Easter egg with a treat at each clue stop or have a large prize at the end of the treasure hunt. Adapt to what works for your home, family or Easter party guests.

What are good prize ideas?

Keep it simple and prize ideas can include candy – just like your traditional egg hunt. To twist it up and personalize your hunt. Fun things to put in Easter eggs are money, stickers, socks, rings, necklaces, erasers, and small trinkets. One alternative is experiences. Write on a piece of paper like popcorn night, pizza out, go to the movie theater, etc. Your child can trade in their coupons throughout the ear for entertainment events with mom or dad. These are things you mgiht otherwise do, anyway.

When is a good time to have a scavenger hunt?

There are many times of year you can host a scavenger hunt. Our favorite is the Birthday Scavenger Hunt leading your child to find a birthday present at each stop along the away. Also look at the Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Camping Scavenger Hunt. See more here.

Our Pinterest community and I would love to see how this worked out for you. Share your final Easter treasure hunt. Leave a comment here or on Pinterest!

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