[QUIZ] Can You Guess the Dinosaur? Part 1 | JURASSIC WORLD
[QUIZ] Can You Guess the Dinosaur? Part 1 | JURASSIC WORLD

27 Question Totally Roarsome Dinosaur Quiz!

Do you know your Pterodactyls from your Pentaceratops? Find out by taking this ultimate dinosaur quiz!

While we don’t have an exact number, we reckon it’s been a good few years since dinosaurs roamed the earth. At least 100 years. How much do you know about these massive, magnificent beasts? Are you a dinosaur expert or just a casual fan? Test your trivia now in this dinosaur picture quiz and find out how much you know about these fearsome reptiles!

Mystery dinosaur with small head, large body and spines

What dinosaur is this?

What size could a Velociraptor’s claw grow up to?

Tyrannosaurus Rex was a herbivore – True or false?

What was the first dinosaur ever named, way back in 1824?

In what year were dinosaur remains first discovered in North America?

T-Rex skeleton on yellow background

What does Tyrannosaurus Rex mean?

What sort of dinosaur-like animal is Nessie sometimes depicted as?

Some dinosaurs in happier times

When did dinosaurs go extinct?

A Tyrannosaurus rex menacing the countryside

What colour was the Tyrannosaurus rex?

Tyrannosaurus rex

During which period did the Tyrannosaurus rex live?

This dinosaur had three horns on its head

What does ‘triceratops’ mean?

Sue at the Field Museum

What caused dinosaurs to go extinct?

Dinosaur Omeisaurus

What were the biggest dinosaurs?


True or false: a Pterodactyl is a dinosaur


Why is a Brontosaurus not really a dinosaur?

Prehistoric scene with Psittacosaurus Dinosaurs

Which of the following ate meat?

A colourful drawing of a diplodocus and tyrannosaurus rex

What does the word dinosaur mean?


What height could a Brachiosaurus reach?

Scientists examine 3D printed model of a dinosaur

What is the name of someone who studies dinosaurs?

Tyrannosaurus rex

How big was the average Tyrannosaurus rex tooth?

A fossil and archaeological tools

Who discovered the first dinosaur fossil in England in 1822?

Spinosaurus dinosaur eating fish

What did the majority of dinosaurs eat?

Boy playing with toy dinosaurs

Which dinosaur was the size of a chicken?

Jurassic Mamenchisaurus habitat

True or false: birds evolved from dinosaurs

Dinosaur sign

What dinosaur-themed book was turned into a film in 1993?


The Diplodocus lived in which period?

Which Toronto basketball team has a dinosaur claw on their club badge?

Which Toronto basketball team has a dinosaur claw on their club badge?

Dinosaur quiz: a poor score!

Oh dear! Have another go. We believe in you!

Dinosaur quiz: a good score!

Good effort! Why not watch Jurassic Park and come back later for another go!

Dinosaur quiz: a great score!

Great! You know your stuff! Why not have another go and try to get an even better score?

Dinosaur quiz: an amazing score!

Amazing! You pretty much know all there is to know about dinosaurs. Take the rest of the day off and relax – you’ve earned it!

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