I’m Trying to Love Math Read Aloud
I’m Trying to Love Math Read Aloud

Workbooks are typically used to reinforce skills that have been learned in the classroom, and they are a great way to focus on the individual learning styles of students. They can also be used for targeted, skill-building practice which assists in closing skill gaps in learning.

Since 3rd grade can be an extremely difficult year of learning for some students, additional workbook practice might prove to be beneficial to their learning success. Therefore, we have provided 28 of the best 3rd grade workbook titles to help your 3rd grade class tackle learning and be successful.

1. IXL – The Ultimate Grade 3 Math Workbook

Provide your 3rd grader with extra practice in math with this trusted math workbook created by IXL. This workbook provides a wide variety of engaging activities that focus on subtraction, addition, division, and multiplication.

2. Brain Quest Workbook: Grade 3

This engaging and entertaining 3rd grade workbook is filled with a variety of teacher-approved activities that correlate with Common Core Standards. It also includes several stickers, a poster, and an award certificate.

3. School Zone – Big Third Grade Workbook

This workbook created by School Zone, winner of the Family Choice Award and Brainchild Award, is an excellent choice for 3rd grade students. It contains many sections with notes for parents for each of the included subject areas. The kid-friendly workbook also progresses from an easier to a more difficult level.

4. Scholastic Success with Reading Comprehension, Grade 3

This standards-based workbook provides 3rd grade students with the specific skill-building practice needed to be successful readers. Its more than 40 practice pages include simplistic directions and reading comprehension exercises that engage students as they work independently.

5. 3rd Grade Social Studies: Daily Practice Workbook

This workbook provides 3rd grade students with 20 weeks of engaging, daily practice activities that focus on social studies skills. These skills are aligned with the state standards and include economics, geography, history, and civics, and government.

6. Scholastic Success with Writing, Grade 3

This terrific 3rd grade workbook is standards-based and helps students improve their writing skills with targeted, skill-building practice. The workbook is filled with over 40 pages of writing practice activities such as writing prompts that are fun-filled, motivating, and correlated to the state standards.

7. Spectrum Third Grade Math Workbook

Focused on 3rd grade math skills, this standards-based workbook is a superb choice for practice in math mastery. The 160 pages provide excellent examples, engaging lessons, and focused practice on critical math skills. Teachers and parents can monitor their students’ skill mastery with the scoring record, answer key, and assessments.

8. School Zone – Math Basics 3 Workbook

This colorful 3rd grade workbook provides 64 pages of individual worksheets that assist students in retaining essential math skills. It provides clear directions, engaging lessons, and terrific examples for math understanding. Upon completion of the workbook, your child will even receive an award certificate.

9. Scholastic Success With Grammar, Grade 3

Give your 3rd grade student the grammar practice needed for success with this great, standards-based workbook. This workbook provides students with over 40 pages of independent grammar practice, and it is filled with motivating lessons and activities.

10. Spectrum Writing Workbook for 3rd Grade

Help your 3rd grader improve his writing skills with this 136-page workbook that is filled with progressive tasks and focuses on the writing process as well as various forms of writing skills. This standards-based book provides clear and simple directions and an answer key.

11. Scholastic Success with Multiplication & Division, Grade 3

Improve your 3rd grader’s math learning goals with this standards-based workbook that provides targeted practice for math skill-building. Its clear directions and fun-filled math worksheets and helpful multiplication tables make this workbook a kid-friendly resource for providing essential multiplication and division practice.

12. IXL – Grade 3 Fractions Math Workbook

The goal of this 3rd grade fractions workbook is to help students practice and master essential fractions skills and concepts. This workbook is filled with 112 pages, and it contains colorful images, engaging fraction problems, and fun lessons.

13. 3rd Grade Spelling Success Workbook

Spelling success is essential for reading and writing excellence; therefore, this workbook is a great option for 3rd graders. It is filled with 128 pages of engaging activities that focus on compound words, syllable breaks, prefixes, suffixes, and much more.

14. The Big Book of Reading Comprehension Activities, Grade 3

Boost your 3rd grader’s reading confidence with this workbook that is jam-packed with over 100 fun, simple, and motivating activities in reading. Each reading passage provides critical skill development and reading comprehension success strategies. This is even a terrific resource for after-school and summer learning.

15. Reading & Math Jumbo Workbook: Grade 3

Filled with over 301 pages, this 3rd grade reading and math workbook is teacher-approved, and it is an excellent choice for improving reading and math skills. It provides your child with practice in reading comprehension, vocabulary, writing, fractions, multiplication, and many more concepts needed for holistic success.

16. 180 Days of Writing for Third Grade

This 3rd grade level resource contributes to your student’s overall writing success. It provides 180 days of daily writing lessons that will enhance grammar and language skills. These lessons are standards-based and correlated to state standards as well as the Common Core standards.

17. 3rd Grade Common Core Math: Daily Practice Workbook

This 3rd grade math workbook provides 20 weeks of daily practice for math skills mastery. It also contains weekly assessments that correlate with State and Common Core Standards. The daily practice provided in this workbook reinforces math concepts and contributes to student success.

18. Daily Science Grade 3

This 3rd grade science workbook provides students with 30 weeks of extra standards-based instruction on life, earth, and physical science concepts. The 150 lessons include hands-on science activities, comprehension assessments, and vocabulary practice.

19. Spectrum Grade 3 Language Arts Workbook

Provide focused language arts practice for your 3rd grader with this 176-page workbook. This standards-based workbook contains lesson reviews on grammar and punctuation as well as hands-on activities that focus on writing.

20. Carson Dellosa – Skill Builders Reading Comprehension Workbook

Skill Builders learning materials are terrific resources for improving educational skills. This 3rd grade workbook by Skill Builders is no exception. It offers a variety of engaging, fun-filled, standards-based lessons that provide progressive practice in reading comprehension skills.

21. Evan-Moor Daily Reading Comprehension, Grade 3

Provide your 3rd grade students with the reading comprehension skills needed to become strong, successful readers. This workbook is filled with 30 weeks of daily instruction and a variety of reading passages that focus on reading concepts and essential reading strategies.

22. Scholastic Success with Math Tests, Grade 3

Provide extra math learning opportunities for your students with this 3rd grade workbook that is filled with over 40 pages of independent practice pages. These pages contain standards-based lessons with simple, clear directions that are engaging for students. Motivate your 3rd grader by purchasing this workbook today!

23. Grade 3 Geometry & Measurement

Improve your 3rd grader’s understanding of area, perimeter, symmetry, shapes, and measurement by providing them with this fun and colorful workbook. It is jam-packed with educational lessons that are sure to increase your student’s confidence through exposure to essential math skills.

24. IXL – Grade 3 Multiplication Math Workbook

Help your 3rd grader learn the basics of multiplication with this amazing workbook created by IXL, a trusted educational company. This standards-based workbook is filled with 112 pages of colorful images, well-crafted problems, and helpful multiplication lessons that will motivate even the most reluctant learners.

25. Summer Brain Quest: Between Grades 3 & 4

Prevent your 3rd grader from falling victim to the summer slide and help him remain ready to progress to the 4th grade. This workbook is your answer! It provides a large variety of summer activities that are fun, motivating, and challenging. It even provides cute stickers for activity completion.

26. Word Problems (Kumon Math Workbooks Grade 3)

Word problems can be tricky! Help your 3rd grader master this skill with this outstanding workbook by Kumon. It provides extraordinary progressive practice lessons that introduce students to many types of word problems. These challenging lessons engage the students and improve their math word problem skills.

27. Who Was? Workbook: Grade 3 Science/Social Studies

This #1 New York Times Best-Selling workbook is the perfect way to expose 3rd graders to interesting science and social studies topics and events. Reading passages about famous historical figures fill the pages of this fun and engaging workbook. It also includes crossword puzzles, word searches, and other word games.

28. Daily Geography Practice, Grade 3

In this Evan-Moor daily geography practice workbook, 3rd grade students will learn geography skills and over 100 geography-related terms. This workbook provides hands-on activities that focus on maps, globes, landmarks, population, products, tourists, maps, political maps, and U.S. regions. What a terrific way to learn geography!

Concluding Thoughts

Although the 3rd grade curriculum can be difficult for many students, there are numerous resources available to help them excel. Workbooks can be a strong tool for reinforcing skills learned in the classroom. They are often colorful, engaging, and motivating. They also provide a variety of activities to meet the needs of individual learning styles.

The 28 workbook suggestions we provided above should assist you as you purchase the perfect workbook for your 3rd grader.

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