Really Hard Riddle That Will Make Your Brain HURT!
Really Hard Riddle That Will Make Your Brain HURT!

Chicken Dinner Microwave Riddles To Solve

Solving Chicken Dinner Microwave Riddles

Here we’ve provide a compiled a list of the best chicken dinner microwave puzzles and riddles to solve we could find.

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1 Year Of Chickens

There are five hen and rooster pairs. Each pair has one baby every month.
How many chickens will there be in one year?

How many chickens will there be in one year?


It is impossible to know because the chicken’s babies could also have babies during this time.
Did you answer this riddle correctly?

Did you answer this riddle correctly?


Math Riddles Chicken Riddles

Solved: 49%

Who Paid For Dinner?

Wednesday, Tom and Joe went to a restaurant and ate dinner. When they were done they paid for the food and left. But Tom and Joe didn’t pay for the food. Who did?


Funny Riddles Easy Riddles

Solved: 73%

Sunburned Chicken


Funny Riddles Chicken Riddles

Solved: 72%

Raining Chickens And Ducks

What do you call it when it rains chickens and ducks? Body parts remaining: 6


Weather Riddles Rain Riddles

Solved: 53%

Tough Chicken Riddles


Chicken Riddles Bad Riddles

Solved: 54%

A Chicken With No Legs


Chicken Riddles Funny Riddles For Kids

Solved: 38%

A Chickens Feathers Riddle


Chicken Riddles Bird Riddles

Solved: 62%

Musical Chickens Riddle


Chicken Riddles Music Riddles

Solved: 58%

Chicken At The Seance Riddle


Chicken Riddles List Of Riddles And Answers

Solved: 57%

A Chicken And A Cow Riddle


Chicken Riddles Short Riddles

Solved: 42%

Chicken Origin Riddle


Chicken Riddles Nature Riddles

Solved: 55%

Haunted Chicken Riddle


Chicken Riddles Halloween Riddles

Solved: 43%

Chickens On The Ark


Christian Riddles Chicken Riddles

Solved: 48%

Skeletons Dinner Riddle


Human Body Riddles Food Riddles

Solved: 50%

Cannibals Dinner Riddle


Classic Riddles Food Riddles

Solved: 46%

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