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You may think you’re hip and in on all the trends, but so do your parents and grandparents! No generation is more in trend now than Generation Z. Gen Z encompasses the population born between 1997 and 2012. Some people born as far back as 1995 still consider themselves Gen Z. If you belong to that category, here is a test to check if you really are as Gen Z as you think!

And, for those who aren’t too familiar with the latest slang and want to catch up, try answering these questions! Maybe you’ll find you know the younger generation better than you think, or maybe you still have some learning to do. In order to prevent cheating, we’ve hidden the answers. Only view the answer once you’ve answered the question, and don’t cheat!

What Kind of Sentence Would You Pull Out of Your Pocket?

What adjective could be used to describe something “out of pocket”?

(one of) Crazy, unpredictable, wild

Perfect in the Summertime!

What sweet, delicious adjective could be used to describe a member of the LGBT?


Earl Grey or English Breakfast?

What is a person inviting you to do when they ask you to “spill the tea”?

Share the gossip

A teal teapot pouring tea into a brown cup.

Literally Put an End to the Conversation.

What word can be used to emphasize your point and put an end to the conversation?

Period or periodt

The Most Universal Word in the Gen Z Slang Vocabulary.

What four-letter word can be used to hype someone up or tell them they’ve done a good job, but also works as a replacement for “ok”?


It Works Especially Well with Queens!

What four-letter word describes making fun of or criticizing someone?


Where is it Sending You?

How do you feel when something is “sending” you?

Amused, laughing uncontrollably

It Doesn’t Mean You Look Like Someone Just Snatched Your Purse.

Looking “snatched” means you look…

Particularly good

Popularized By the Game Among Us.

“Sus” is the short version of the word…


White, blue, yellow, black, orange, and red yarn being used to make an "Among Us" inspired lanyard.

Remember This When You Get to the Last Question.

Similar to “I’m weak,” here is another phrase to describe feeling especially amused.

I’m dead

Back In Our Childhood Days, We Never Finished Our Meals.

If you want to say someone did really well, you would say they “ate and…”

Left no crumbs

What is it Giving?

“It’s giving Dominos” is an insult to any Italian restaurant, being compared to a generic pizza chain. Simply saying “it’s giving” has a different meaning. What is it?

*The subject of the sentence* is good/great/positive

Think Prehistory and Middle Ages…

How would a Gen Z describe being in a certain stage of their life?

I’m in my *blank* era

In the Words of RuPaul, Call Me…

Gen Z uses the word for this family member to describe any iconic person, male or female, famous or not.


Garden Variety.

What’s another word for average or uninteresting?


You Can Say You Scored a Big…

This one letter signifies a big success and is the first letter of another word for victory.


Also Known as a Munch.

A bit outdated now, this four-letter word describes being head-over-heels obsessed with someone who typically does not reciprocate.


What Do You Feel Watching Your Boyfriend Chase a Tennis Ball?

How would a Gen Z describe the sudden disgust you get after a person you’re attracted to does something slightly embarrassing?

The ick

You Can Watch Compilations on YouTube to Really Feel It.

This word describes feelings of second-hand embarrassment.


A woman in a black shirt sitting on a patterned chair, covering her face with her hands

It Has One Thing in Common with DL.

Used as an adverb, this phrase tells us the verb it precedes is only felt to a small extent or needs to be kept on the DL (down-low).


Like Going to a Casino, for Example.

What’s a Gen Z-appropriate answer to an invitation you want to accept?


What If It Also Kicks?

When something “slaps,” does it suck, or does it rock?

It rocks

Night Summer Air Hits Different.

What does it mean when something “hits different”?

It’s better than the usual

The Phrase Originated All the Way Back in 2015.

The phrase “and I oop” can be used when you are feeling…

Surprised, taken aback

This is a Popular Category on TikTok.

What happens to a person who undergoes a dramatic change for the better in their appearance?

They have a “glow up”

Photo of a woman with pink hearts and sparkles on her face, against a gold background.

The Category is Three-Letter Words.

The name of this type of hat is also used to call someone out for not being truthful.


Confusing the Two Can Make for a Social Faux Pas.

Someone’s body count used to describe the number of people they’ve killed. Gen Z uses the phrase in relation to the number of…

People they’ve slept with

You’re the Main Character and They’re…

This gaming acronym is used by Gen Z to describe people who do not have the self-awareness of a “main character.”


On the Topic of Rent Prices Going Up…

What does it mean if a new viral TikTok sound is living in your head rent-free?

You can’t stop thinking about it

Guac is Logical, Especially When Paired with Chips.

The word “valid” means logical, factual, or reasonable. What does Gen Z mean when they call a tab of guacamole valid?

It’s exceptionally good

Can Someone Be Renewed?

YouTubers like Trisha Paytas, Shane Dawson, and Jeffree Star had famously been canceled; some multiple times. What does it mean to be canceled?

To be boycotted or publicly shamed

It Can Also Be Used in the Context of Music.

This two-word adjective is often used to describe a loud or over-the-top person. When used by Gen Z, it can replace “very” or “really” in a sentence.


Gen Z is the CEO Of Romanticizing Their Lives.

Finish the phrase: Romanticizing your life makes you feel like the…

Main character

Lame, Lazy, Loser… So Many Words Start With L!

In the phrase “big L,” what word does the letter L represent?

Loss or loser

Such a Useful Phrase!

What do people mean when they sarcastically say, “Is *blank* in the room with us now?”

Whatever blank the person is talking about is not there, not real, or not as important as they’re making it out to be

A female therapist talking to a bearded male client. Both are sitting in wooden chairs with a large clock on the window behind them.

“You Thought I Was Feelin’ You?”

A munch is just another type of simp, often used in regard to men. Which famous rapper came up with this term?

Ice Spice

Thank You for Your Service.

Boomers served in the army; millennials serve food; Gen Z-ers serve looks. What does it mean to “serve”?

To look really good, to say something witty, to slay

Spoiler: It’s Not the Crying Laughing Emoji.

What emoji does Gen Z use to convey laughter?

The skull

Final Words

So, how much of this slang did you already know? How much did you learn? If this helped you relate to the Gen-Z’ers in your life, let us know down in the comments!

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