ROKR Pinball Game

The most fantastic 3D wooden puzzle ever created. Beat your record and be a winner with the most challenging and amazing puzzle of ROKR!

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ROKR Marble Run Series

The ROKR Marble Run Series are the first puzzles in the world to bring to life the most beautiful kinetic art.

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ROKR Vitascope

Bring back the good old times with the first movie projector 3D wooden puzzle

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ROKR Luminous Globe

Bring light to the world and to your night table with this amazing 3D wooden puzzle

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ROKR Gear Puzzles

Enjoy and relax building the most interesting ROKR Puzzles. Challenge yourself and others with this Mechanical Puzzles

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ROKR Gramophone

Build the first working gramophone 3D wooden puzzle. Play all your old records

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New Arrivals

ROKR PUZZLES - 3D Wooden puzzles - Mechanical Models 1ROKR PUZZLES - 3D Wooden puzzles - Mechanical Models 1ROKR PUZZLES - 3D Wooden puzzles - Mechanical Models 1

New Arrivals

ROKR Pinball game

RORK Magic Piano

RORK Vintage Car


Gear Puzzles

Gear drive 3D mechanical puzzles. They are very fun and challenging!


The new AMK Series. Build, wind, listen and relax


Beautiful scale model vehicles of the past and the present

Marble run

These are not just puzzles, they are a fantastic piece of kinetic art.

retro robots

Imagine yourself taking a trip from the past to the future.

SpacE Hunting

Go to space using only green energy. First solar powered 3D puzzles


Simple and amazing series of the most beautiful puzzles

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