Bible Quiz | How Many of These General Trivia Questions Will You Know?
Bible Quiz | How Many of These General Trivia Questions Will You Know?

This article covers 5 free online Bible quizzes to test your knowledge of the Bible. Quizzes are a fun way of checking ones knowledge and also to learn things. When you read a article and take a quiz on it, you are bound to remember it. Similarly, when you take a quiz on various topics of the Bible, you will learn new things and remember them for long. The quizzes on these websites are made for everyone including adults, and kids. All the quizzes being offered are free and one of the websites even offers you the facility to take a print out of the quizzes.

Online Bible quizzes are a fun way to learn more about the Bible and its different versions. All the websites included offer you multiple choice question, where you have to choose the right answer. Let’s look at these 5 free online Bible quizzes below.

Religion Resources Online

Religion Resources Online is a free website with lots of Bible quizzes. The Bible quizzes on this website are divided in to various categories like printable Bible Quizzes, quizzes for youth, quizzes for kids, quizzes for adults, popular Bible quizzes, new testament, the creation, old testament, etc. You can select quizzes for any category. Just click on the quiz category that you would like to start with. All the quizzes under that category will be listed on your screen. For example I started with Bible quizzes for kids and all the quizzes in that section were listed like shown in the screenshot below.

From this page you can select the quiz that you want to try out. On the right side of the page you will also find instructions on how to print these quizzes out. When you click on a quiz it will open up on the page. The quiz is a multiple choice one where each question will have four options for you to choose from. Once you answer all the questions, click on check answers button given at the bottom.

This will show you a pop up telling you the percentage you scored in the quiz. You will also be shown the quiz page again as seen in the screenshot above. Here all your correct answers will be seen in green color and the wrong answers will be seen in red. The top of the page shows you how many questions you answered right and percentage scored. There are lots of Bible quizzes which you can take and improve your knowledge about the Bible.


Christianity is a great website to find Bible quizzes. There are some very unique quizzes which can be seen listed on the screenshot above. These quizzes have a very engaging play method, which will want you to play more. The first quiz Bible Ball is like playing Baseball against the computer. You will be asked questions with multiple choices. You have to choose how many runs you want to score with that question while you are batting. Then when you are pitching you are suppose to answer the question right to strike out the computer. I found this quiz play very interesting.

Similarly, in Bible Jeopardy, you will see categories and button with a dollar amount on it. You have to choose your category and the dollar amount you want to play for. If you answer the question right, the dollar amount is added as your score. Another fun quiz is Saintly Millionaire. This quiz is based on the pattern of the famous quiz game “Who Wants to be a Millionaire”. You will be asked question and you will have to choose from the four given options. You also get 3 lifelines as seen in the TV game show. A screenshot of this quiz can be seen in the screenshot below.

Apart from these quizzes you can also play quizzes by category. Categories like the old testament, the new testament, and whole Bible are available.

Christian Bible Reference

Christian Bible Reference is a website with lots of Bible quizzes. The home page of the Bible quizzes section can be seen in the screenshot above. All the quizzes are listed on this page. You can choose any one to start playing. The quizzes that are found on this page are quiz of the week, books of the Bible, famous Bible quotations, Bible basics, youth section, famous Bible stories, Moses, etc. The quizzes are marked with green, yellow, or red indicators. Green indicator means easy quiz, yellow means medium difficult, and red means difficult quiz.

When you click on a quiz, the question in it will open up in the format shown in the screenshot above. Each question will have multiple choices to choose from. At the end of the quiz you will have a score button, which will show you the result of the quiz. The correct answers will be marked in green and the wrong ones will be marked in red.


ChristiansUnite is a website with lots of quizzes around the Bible. They have even compiled eBooks in 3 volumes containing all the quizzes that are on the website. There are lots of quizzes in various categories like Bible characters, in the beginning, Bible general, Bible objects, Bible places, books of the Bible, children in the Bible, the book of Proverbs, the prophets, the early church, famous stories, fill in the blanks, etc. You can choose any quiz that you like.

Upon selection the quiz will open up in full page and the question will have multiple choices to answer. One of the quizzes can be seen in the screenshot above. After you finish a quiz click on the button given in the end which says “I think I have it right”. Once you submit the quiz for evaluation, you will get the result with the number of correct and wrong answers marked. If one of your answers is wrong than you will also be shown the correct answer.

King James Bible Online

King James Bible Online has a entire Bible trivia section to play lots of quizzes. The quizzes home page can be seen in the screenshot above. On this page you can select the level of difficulty to test your knowledge. You can choose among beginner, novice, intermediate, advanced, and expert. You can also choose a category of the quiz you want to play. There are 3 broad categories, subject, book, or category. You can choose anyone of these and then from the drop down window select your choice of topic. Then click the start the quiz button. This will take you to the quiz page.

On the quiz page you will have multiple choice questions. At the end of the quiz you will have a button which says check your answers. Clicking this button will show you your result. You will be shown all the correct and wrong answers. If a answer was wrong then you will be shown the correct answer as well.


These are the 5 free online Bible quizzes websites. You can check out your Bible knowledge by taking quizzes on any of the websites. In my opinion the most interesting quizzes can be found on the Christianity website. I definitely enjoyed playing those quizzes. You can try out all the websites and see which one you like the best.

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