These 5th Grade Operations & Algebraic Thinking Success Checks are quick assessment worksheets that students can complete in order to show their understanding of particular math skills. They are made for efficiency, providing space for students to solve problems and show their work, and collecting answers in a clear, concise way so that grading is simple for the teacher.

This resource can be used with hybrid or limited movement in these ways:

  • If teachers are teaching Full Virtual, they can use the digital version.
  • If teachers are teaching Hybrid, students in person can work through the printable version, while students at home can work through the digital version. Students are completing the same assignment at the same time.
  • If teachers are teaching In-Person Only, students can work through the printable version in shifts. Split the class into small groups and have only a few students completing the success checks, while other students are working on other assignments. This will give students the opportunity to get up and moving with a purpose.

This easy-to-use and low-prep highly engaged activity includes:

Operations and Algebraic Thinking Printable Worksheets (included in this download)

  • Numerical Expressions, 5.OA.1
  • Write and interpret Numerical Expressions, 5.OA.2
  • Analyze Numerical Patterns, 5.OA.3
  • Open-ended question options and multiple-choice options for each
    topic above

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