6th Grade Math Assessment Practice Day 1
6th Grade Math Assessment Practice Day 1


Who can use these books? Most of the author’s teaching experience is within the Waldorf school system. Yet these books can be effectively used by any teacher or homeschooling parent who wishes to teach meaningful, age-appropriate math.

Our Making Math Meaningful™ workbooks are specifically designed to lead the students along a path of discovery. The teacher needs to carefully guide the students along this path. The problems contained in these workbooks are NOT randomly ordered or selected. They are chosen to promote the development of mathematical thinking in a very conscious way. As teachers of math, our most important task is to develop mathematical thinking in our students. This thinking needs to be flexible and creative.

About our Source Book for Teaching Middle School Math:

When I started teaching at a Waldorf school, I was surprised to find that there were no textbooks. I was expected to create my own materials. This newfound freedom was both exciting and daunting. I proceeded to research what was happening at other Waldorf schools regarding math curriculum, and have created and discovered much along the way.

This book is intended to share with others what I have discovered and developed during this journey.

While most of the material is not overly difficult, much of it is foreign, even for math majors. In writing this book, I have assumed that the reader may be weak in math. I hope that with some effort, even the most difficult topic is understandable.

This book is both a curriculum guide for middle school math and a source book for great ideas that enrich any teacher’s math lessons.

About the 6th grade workbook. Here are the topics:

The four processes with fractions and decimals
long division (including repeating decimals) • fractions (lots!)
short division • exponents • converting decimals to/from fractions
casting out nines • estimating • square roots • divisibility
unit cost • U.S. measurement and the metric system • formulas
converting repeating decimals to fractions • factors and prime numbers
angle measurement • prime factorization • basic percents
mean/median/mode • pie charts • area and perimeter
percent increase and decrease • tax rate, discount, profit and loss
rate of pay • converting to/from percents • ratios • rate of speed
line graphs • foreign exchange rates • compound fractions.

About String, Straightedge & Shadow, by Julia E. Diggins

This engrossing book reveals these first discoveries about elementary geometry related to the early civilizations of Mesopotamia, Egypt, and Greece. The fabric of the story is woven out of archeological and historical records and legends about the major men of mathematics. By reconstructing the events as they might have happened, the author enables an attentive reader to easily follow the pattern of reasoning that leads to an ingenious proof of the Pythagorean theorem, an appreciation of the significance of the Golden Mean in art and architecture, and the construction of the five regular solids.

Whether you are learning geometry for the first time, teaching it to your students, or parents helping your children through their first geometry course, this is a must read for everyone! You will be fascinated with the graphic illustrations and written description of how the knowledge and wisdom of so many cultures helped shape our civilization today.

About our Puzzle & Game Book

Are you looking for a new math challenge for your students? Do you need a resource of ideas that will give your students the opportunity to experience the thrill of mathematics? And, what about providing a good puzzle or game that will give everyone the understanding of true problem-solving? Randy Evans, Mick Follari and Jamie York have combined their knowledge and skills to create a puzzle and game book that is a perfect reference for the math classroom and for middle school and high school teachers everywhere.

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