8 Websites With Awesome Math Aids for Homeschooling

Homeschooling math can be challenging for parents who didn’t love this subject in school.

In Britain, they asked parents which subject was the most difficult to homeschool after the COVID lockdown. Guess what subject took the first place?

Yes, you’re right.

One-third of the homeschooling parents rated math “difficult” to “very difficult”. I guess it’s no different in other countries. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

If you can homeschool a foreign language without knowing it, you can survive math classes. Let me show you 8 websites with awesome math aids to make your homeschooling math journey a piece of cake. You’ll find resources for students of all ages and on many math topics.

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Why Math Aids Help in Homeschooling?

As the name indicates, a math aid is anything that helps in learning—and teaching—math.

The Internet has made homeschooling math more accessible and comfortable for parents and kids. You can easily find paid and free resources to help your kid learn, practice, and review math concepts.

Some websites provide a complete math curriculum that students can follow independently so you can have some free time. Others simply give you the option of designing or downloading ready-to-go worksheets. In addition, these websites make math learning fun, and a few introduce math concepts with interactive games.

If you have all the necessary math supplies at home, you can look for math aids that suit your family’s needs and enjoy the process with your kid.

8 Websites with Useful Math Aids

Here are some websites to make your kids’ math homeschooling experience pleasant, effective, and fun!

1. Khan Academy

Grade: K-12

Price: free

I think everyone has heard of Khan Academy. This site has so many wonderful resources available, and I still cannot believe that it’s still free.

In terms of math, Khan Academy offers a complete curriculum from Kindergarten onwards. Smaller kids, however, up to second grade, will enjoy its app: Khan Academy Kids.

Khan Academy divides its math content into three sections:

  • Math: Pre-K – 8th Grade
  • Math: Get Ready Courses (3rd-8th grade, Algebra 1&2, Geometry, Precalculus, AP® Calculus, AP® Statistics)
  • Math: High School & College (Algebra 1&2, Geometry, Trigonometry, Precalculus, High School STatistics, STatistics & probability, AP® College Calculus AB, AP® College Calculus BC, AP® College Statistics, Multivariable Calculus, Differential equations, Linear Algebra)

Khan Academy’s website introduces all the content with videos and text and lets students check their knowledge with tests and final evaluations.

There’s lots of practice and independent learning, but you always need internet access and cannot print the content.

Parents that need some break from constant homeschooling will be happy to take this subject off their shoulders.

2. Math Aids

Grade: K-12

Price: free, Ad-Free $19.95 per year, $3.95 per month

If you need math worksheets, this is the place to go. Math-Aids is a free site due to the revenue generated by ads. However, if you want an ad-free experience, there’s a paid option.

The website covers 94 different math topics, with over 1223 worksheets for kindergarten students, through 12th graders. You can print the worksheets or customize them and save them for later. The printed version comes in a pdf format and a separate answer sheet.

Every day the site adds a new worksheet, and you can also request worksheets that you feel are missing. You can use these worksheets to check the skills, practice, or review material.

3. Math Games

Grade: K-6

Price: free

Math Playground offers fun math aids for kindergarten students up to 6th graders.

The content on the page is divided by grade, and there are also math games, logic games, word games, skill games, Story Math, and math videos available there.

Featured math videos include lessons on place value, intro to fractions, bar graphs, telling time, skip counting, etc.

The site can be used to introduce new math content and practice skills that your kid already has. All the content is visually attractive, and I’m sure your kid will love it.

4. Hotmath

Grade: 6-12

Price: free

The Hotmath website was designed to help students with their math homework. It’s oriented to middle and high school students. It offers answers to math textbooks you might have, and with it, you can review concepts you might need to learn.

So, if your homeschooled kid has problems remembering what equivalent fractions are, all you need to do is to look at the list of topics and read the explanation.

There are no worksheets to print—that’s not its goal. With Hotmath, you can consult your doubts and quickly refresh your math memory.

5. Maths is Fun

Grade: K-12

Price: free

Notice the title—it’s “maths,” not “math.” Mathematics is commonly called “math” in the US but “maths” in the UK. The site is free, and you can even hide the ads without paying any fee.

Maths is Fun offers math content in an enjoyable and easy-to-learn way. There’s content for kindergarten students up to 12th graders.

Younger kids can learn addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and other basic concepts. Older students can go through high school algebra, geometry, statistics, finance, and calculus. You are first introduced to the lesson and later have access to questions and exercises.

Smaller kids who are not fluent readers will require help from a parent, as the content is introduced through descriptive texts.

For 6th graders and older kids, the site offers math-related hands-on activities categorized into different topics. For example, kids can make their own mandala for a geometry class or bake chocolate crispies to practice ratio.

6. Math Fact Cafe

Grade: K-5

Price: free, $2.99 premium version

Math Fact Cafe is free, but you may want to pay $2.99 monthly for an advertisement-free online experience. The paid option also lets you save and manage your worksheets.

Math Fact Cafe provides different worksheets per grade.

You can also search for topics you want to cover, such as conversion, basic facts, multiplication tables, counting by number, word problems, managing money, and telling time.

You can print the worksheets and customize them by adding space for an extra solution, for example. You can also generate an online fill-in worksheet.

7. Beestar

Grade: K-8

Price: free

Beestar is an enrichment platform with exercises to help your kid cover core math knowledge and necessary skills.

It specializes in providing online math exercises for elementary school kids to achieve academic excellence. Voluntary teachers and parents run it. It’s an excellent supplementary program that will let your kid enjoy some fun time with math.

Beestar’s worksheets are completely free, but you can also choose to pay for a ready-to-go program with 20-minute activities twice a week. The site also has gifted and talented programs with challenges beyond the required skills.

The Beestar math program is also free, and all you need to do is to set up an account for your child. When you sign up, you have to pick a school. For homeschooled kids, just choose a random one.

It’s not a stand-alone program. But I bet your kids will improve their math knowledge.

8. A+ Interactive Math

Grade: 1-Algebra 1

Price: starts from $10 per month per grade, 3 months $25

A+ Interactive Math provides a curriculum from kindergarten students to algebra 1. It lets your kid master new concepts above their grade level. A+ Interactive Math is a complete online program with independent learning that can give homeschooling parents some time off.

Your kid will need to do an adaptive placement test first, and then the side creates a lesson plan. Each concept has around 8-10 interactive lessons and quizzes.

Kids can print the results, share them with their parents, and retake the quiz later. So there’s no planning, instruction, or marking for parents!

The site also has family package options if you need to teach math to more than one child. You can also print accompanying textbooks and workbooks or work with PDFs.

Are You Feeling Better About Homeschooling Math?

Now that you know where to look for math aids, you surely feel more relaxed about this part of the curriculum.

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Homeschooling math can be fun for your child (and you) if you organize your math aids. Make room in your homeschool schedule and see how much help you need with the subject.

If you’re only interested in worksheets or are looking for a more interactive experience or even a complete online program, choose the website that best suits your needs, and Voilá!

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