Learn and Identify Alphabet with Cup Stacking Keyboard Typing Game
Learn and Identify Alphabet with Cup Stacking Keyboard Typing Game

Here is the ninth installment of 10 games reviewed.

Create a Car

Create a Car is a very nice car creation game as the title suggests. In this game, the player gets to build a car choosing the various components that make up a car such as a body, wheels, engine, and stuff. There is more stuff obviously, so the player can unfetter the imagination and create whatever is liked.

After the care has been created, save it and then ignite the ignition, and take it for a drive. Driving the car uses the up and down arrow keys to help steer the lanes to avoid road cones. The driver must collect as many energy bolts along the way to increase speed as well as a drive as far as possible before running out of energy.

Grade: K to 5

Conclusions This is a classic creation design game with an additional driving game added to it. The player can create as many cars as desired.

Creature Capture

Creature Capture is an impressive game with a great GUI. This is a number comprehension game with whole numbers and fractions. There are two worlds, water, and fire, and there are two opponents, each with a different color. Each player has a specific colored tile and an icon. Each move requires a mathematical matching. The water world requires that the player’s numbers be less than the opponents, and the fire world requires that the player’s number is higher than the opponents.

The player has a board on which to play, each level gives a harder board, and the game is Go like in that you have to take as much of the opponent’s territory by turning their icons into your color. Each level gives a different number of cards to play with, and each player takes a turn to beat the other and take more territory.

The winner of the game is the player that has taken successfully taken the most territory when the cards run out.

Grade: 4 to 5

Conclusions This is an exceptional game, well thought out. However, the animations are a bit slow for this age group and with a bit more speed would make this a highly active, engaging and even addictive game.

Crossword Puzzle Maker

Crossword Puzzle Maker is a beautiful app, and I literally said that out loud when I played it. In this app you get to create your own puzzle. The game asks you to give words and definitions, and then using these words, creates a crossword puzzle from them — the more words you define, the bigger the puzzle.

The app generates the crossword and then you can either play it online as is or print it on paper or as a PDF file.

Grade: 3 to 5

Conclusions This is a magic app that can be used by children and adults too, it’s a great way to teach comprehension of words, and how to describe the word so that it is easy to comprehend the word from the definition.

Crossword Puzzle Maker Junior

Crossword Puzzle Maker Junior is another crossword puzzle maker, but this one limits your words to seven letters. The online player is much better than the older version, and the GUI is better too, so I expect this one was programmed after the first one.

This game also allows the player to play online or print it as a PDF or a printout.

Grade: 2 to 3

Conclusions This is an excellent game for youngsters learning how to comprehend and define words.

Cup Stacking – Keyboarding

Cup Stacking – Keyboarding is an intellectual approach to teaching the keyboard to youngsters. This app asks the player to identify the key shown on the cup and kit the correct key combination to stack the cups, and then de-stack them. The game is timed, and the faster you finish, the higher the score.

Grade: K to 5

Conclusions This is quite a neat little app, cool concept to help teach the locations of the keys for typing on a keyboard.

Cute Puzzle Witch

Cute Puzzle Witch is a child’s version of candy crush. OOPs, sorry, candy crush is for kids too. There is no difference except in the GUI, the game location and the prizes. It’s a straightforward minimum 3 blocks remove it game as are thousands of others.

Grade: 1 to 5

Conclusions Inevitable to find one of these games here too, waste of time since most children have access to all the different candy crush alternative son smartphones, tablets, pads and PC’s, but it is still a nice respite.


Cyber-Five is a very important teaching app that helps youngsters understand the basic rules of safety on the internet. This is a much sought after app. and should be prepared with even more interesting graphics and cartoon characters: bottom line, a great app that all children must watch at least once a month, every month until it’s memorized.

Grade: K to 5

Conclusions Thumbs up to the creator, a job more than well done, and it should be in every home on the planet.

Daisy’s Plumber Puzzle

Daisy’s Plumber Puzzle is a classic easier version of Pipes. This game comes on a 6 x 6 grid (36 blocks). At one end are a tap and the other a plant. Some of the blocks have pipes on them, every pipe is interchangeable, and all the player needs to do is click on the pipe needed to move, and the location pipe to move to and the two will interchange. The aim is to create a direct line of water from the tap to the plant. The game is timed, and if you miss the timing, the water will start to flow and spill out.

Grade: 2 to 5

Conclusions A lovely logic problem game designed to make the player think how to connect pipes in a system. It’s actually an interesting primer to help children understand the basics of how liquids, air, and electricity move in the pipes and wires around them. It also helps them understand design concepts.

Division Drag Race

Division Drag Race is a well scripted game that combines racing and division. The graphic is a bit simple and could be tweaked up for more excitement, but the overall concept is excellent. To accelerate the player must correctly answer a division problem, the faster the player answers, the bigger the lead the car takes over the other cars. At the end of the game, the incorrect answers are displayed.

Grade: 3 to 5

Conclusions A great division practicing game that includes speed and excitement. With a bit more lifelike 3D graphics this could be a total blast!

Dogs in Space

Dogs in Space is a cool puzzle solution game with two dogs in a space station that has to solve puzzles together, get the bones and move towards the flight deck. There are fifteen levels, and the first one starts off as hard as the rest, so be prepared to tax your brain for all the hidden opportunities.

This is a classic two-player problem solver with a great GUI. Navigation is by arrows and keys.

Grade: 4 to 5

Conclusions A neat graphics game with great problem-solving issues to handle.

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