PBS Kids Bumpers ID (Compilation)
PBS Kids Bumpers ID (Compilation)

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Sing along to 12 original songs from some of your favorite PBS KIDS series! These fun musical highlights from Pinkalicious & Peterrific, Peg + Cat, Nature Cat, Ready Jet Go! and Super Why include songs about playing pretend, spelling, the solar system, mud puddles and more!

201612 episodes

Table of Contents


  1. S1 E1 – Pinkalicious & Peteriffic: Anyone Can Pretend Music ClipMay 14, 20183minPinkalicious, Peter, and Jasmine help Norman the garden gnome learn how to play pretend!Free trial of PBS KIDS
  2. S1 E2 – Pinkalicious & Peteriffic: Woof Woof I Am a Dog Music ClipFebruary 14, 20192minPinky the dog starts playing with the kids once they start pretending to be dogs.Free trial of PBS KIDS
  3. S1 E3 – Peg + Cat: Ramone Shakes It Plenty Music ClipOctober 7, 20132minPeg and Cat aren’t tired so they have a dance party.Free trial of PBS KIDS
  4. S1 E4 – Pinkalicious & Peteriffic: Piece of Love Music ClipFebruary 10, 20193minPinkalicious sings how there are so many ways to make valentines for those you love.Free trial of PBS KIDS
  5. S1 E5 – Nature Cat: Mud Puddles Music ClipJuly 12, 20162minThe gang’s favorite band, Doggone, sings a song about mud puddles!Free trial of PBS KIDS
  6. S1 E6 – Super WHY!: I Love to Spell Music ClipSeptember 26, 20071minPrincess Presto’s I Love to Spell ‘HICCUP’ music video.Free trial of PBS KIDS
  7. S1 E7 – Pinkalicious & Peteriffic: I Want to Move Like a Robot Music ClipFebruary 19, 20182minRobotta works! Now she wants to dance and sing with Pinkalicious and Peter.Free trial of PBS KIDS
  8. S1 E8 – Ready Jet Go!: Tiny Blue Dot Music ClipAugust 18, 20162minCelery sings the kids a song as they struggle to fall asleep.Free trial of PBS KIDS
  9. S1 E9 – Pinkalicious & Peteriffic: Sand Palace Song Music ClipFebruary 26, 20182minPinkalicious is collecting things she finds on the beach to build a sand palace.Free trial of PBS KIDS
  10. S1 E10 – Ready Jet Go!: Milky Way Song Music ClipMarch 2, 20163minJet sings “The Milky Way Song.”Free trial of PBS KIDS
  11. S1 E11 – Pinkalicious & Peteriffic: Me & My Snow Fairy Music ClipMarch 11, 20182minPinkalicious names her snow fairy and then sings about everything they could do together.Free trial of PBS KIDS
  12. S1 E12 – Ready Jet Go!: The Solar System Song Music ClipFebruary 16, 20162minJet sings a song about the solar system!Free trial of PBS KIDS


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Adam RudmanDavid RudmanVince CommissoSteven JaroszJennifer OxleyBilly AronsonKevin MorrisonDorothea GillimVictoria KannCraig BartlettDete MeserveDavid McFadzeanMatt WilliamsJason NetterSimon CoxAngela C. SantomeroSamantha Freeman AlpertSteven DeNureCaroline BandolikJaclynn DemasVanessa WiegelJennifer LupinacciBlanca UribeJaime Ryan HeintzHeather Puttock

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