Abandoned Walkthrough
Abandoned Walkthrough


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All I need to say is that it is… the best puzzle game ever! If you like puzzle games this game is made for you(no joke)! Even though I don’t like puzzle games that much, this is one of my favorite games! Only one problem is that I wish that whenever you get into a new place it shows the chapter 1-3 loading screen thing. Overall this game is the best puzzle game I’ve ever witnessed!

It reminds me of the submachine series- (I’m guessing it’s not a coincidence), and I am a big fan of that series – this game does an excellent homage(?) to it and the only thing that bothered me in the end was that I wished there were a million more chapters to play. I absolutely pray the developers will consider making a lot more chapters as there doesn’t seem to be anything else available in the app store that is of this genre. thank you for making such a cool game.

I would love to give you more stars as this game kept my interest in the free trial. But.. the ‘slide or press side’ to move, made it very hard to navigate the game without going to the before or next seen by accident. Maybe some tiny arrows would help, or even choosing one or the other? And, as interesting as it was, I feel I’d get very lost without a map of sorts. I know you have to discover new areas, but even if it blacked out areas until you found them would be much better imo. Thanks

I have paid for and completed every Snapbreak game up to this point. I was ready to complete the series with this release and was ready to pay for the full game until I tried the first level.While the game is pretty and I appreciate the animation style visuals, the controls are horrible. Like another user stated, you are constantly moving to adjacent screens by accident while looking for places to tap on.The other big problem is poor use of the screen edge on the iPhone X. The inventory area is way too thin and close to the edge to the point where I must awkwardly bend my hand and finger to tap on it. Other times my hand mistakenly “taps” on items close to the edge if I hold my phone the wrong way. Granted, one could partially attribute this to the iPhone X’s interface itself, but a very simple fix would be to introduce a border around the entire game. Edge to edge is pretty to look at but for games they often cause interface problems. This game is not alone in that aspect. Snapbreak games require a lot of patience as you randomly tap around the screen looking for clues and actions. The interface in this particular release makes this aspect of these games impossibly frustrating. Will skip till there are fixes. I want to like this game!

I got stuck on level 0. The key does not open the door. I tried repeatedly. There is no tutorial or explanation of the problem. I can’t find any way to alter the key or alter the door. I endured commercials for a hint and got nothing useful in return. The door changed color. That is not helpful. I already know that I need to open the door. I want to know HOW to open the door. I chose this game because I want engaging puzzles to take my mind off things that I can’t fix. This game is now one more thing I can’t fix.

I played part one and part two online (for free) and I really enjoyed it!!! I only played part one on the app.The game isn’t to challenging but it still makes you think. It has a very interesting story and I would recommend it to someone else to play. My real problem is with the app, it’s frustrating that you have to pay to play for what you can play for free online. And the app definitely has a few glitches, I was able to get through it because I knew what I was doing but someone who didn’t would have a harder time getting through a few parts. I also enjoyed the game online more mostly because you can move around easily without the game needing to load.The main reason why I got the app was to play the third part, but I would rather not have to pay for it. I’m satisfied playing online for free.

As a fan of the Submachine series since I discovered it WAY back in 2010, this game could have been a very quaint homage to the wonderful, eerie atmosphere and universe Mateusz Skutnik spent decades of his life lovingly crafting on Flash websites.Might I add that all of the games in the Submachine series were free?You could buy the full collection, with remastered art and the music album, but the games themselves were free.Thus, this game becomes not an homage, but a cash-grab of an insult, grubbingly grabbing at iOS players money for a game idea, atmosphere, art style, play style, game play, music, scenery, and locations that they did NOT create.And you can’t even argue this was your own idea, either. You literally used the Submachine font in the trailer. The font ALL of the games use for their intro text. I’m not even getting into the whole screen-scroll style with climbing ladders, or assets like the stone dragons. (Which were literally ripped from the entry Ancient Adventure in the series.)Get a computer, go search up the Submachine games, and either buy them yourself or play them all for free.You’ll not only get FAR more hours of entertainment from those, but if you decide to purchase them, you’ll be supporting a video-game developer and artist who is ACTUALLY making these games.Not some talentless hacks that think they can pull the wool over the eyes of mobile players, and pick their pockets while they’re at it.

I was relaxing and watching TV while playing this game; so the first time I tapped the Hint button, sat through a boring videobut didn’t get a hint, I figured I missed seeing it. Later I tried again. Another boring ad for a game I have no interest in playing, but still no hint. I tried the walkthrough and after another long ad, it worked. Soooo, I tried the Hint button again. No hint!!! Am I missing something? It certainly seems like a major bug. It’s spoiling the gameplay. I want challenges, but I’m also lazy. When they get too frustrating, I want to use a Hint and move on. Anyone know what’s going on? Do I have to pay for hints even though I’m suffering through long ads? Why don’t they say so? Or, is this game not ready for prime-time yet?

I’ve had maybe one issue where the game froze, but after that I haven’t had issues. I try not to use any hints because the 3rd note on each level is not found with hints. I’ve only used to the hint a couple times but very easily explains if you’re confused. Some of these puzzles are a bit of a mind f$&@ but I feel pretty smart when I figure it out! I like the calming music too. Really helps if you get frustrated easily or just simply enjoy peaceful music. Hope everyone enjoys this game as much as I did! Try the other ones!

I enjoyed the game because it was like a mystery the music was very creepy and I liked it I liked how you have to try to find your way to the next level I thought it was cool that there was a bunch of creepy part of the game and the game is very cool because you get to combine things together to make a other thing to break out I think this game is the best game ever made and I loved it but the thing I don’t like was that you have to buy the next levels to continue the whole game but I still love the game I hope that the creator can make more. 🥰🥰

Can you make your way through the Abandoned? • Journey through mysterious places in search of your lost twin brother. • Classic point and click style adventure with many new twists. • Solve challenging puzzles. • Three chapters of fascinating game play. First chapter is free to play. Your twin brother disappeared into a curious place called the Abandoned.

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