Assassin’s Creed Unity – Nostradamus Enigma: Mars
Assassin’s Creed Unity – Nostradamus Enigma: Mars

Assassin’s Creed Unity Aries Nostradamus Enigma

aries nostradamus enigma

Aries Enigma Starting Location

1st Riddle Solution

A once-Auguste palace

Become a shelter for the beautiful,

The days of sovereigns tick along,

Up to, but not beyond, Louis.

Apparently, Louvre was initially the fortress of Philippe Auguste. It later became the royal palace up until Louis XIV (if I am not mistaken). This helped me solve the first riddle quite easily by visiting the Louvre and scanning the courtyard until I found the rune above the gate.

2nd Riddle Solution

By the spirit of Égalité

The Citoyen is welcome in a royal garden

Where the mighty Helios ignites daily

Man’s most destructive power.

I spent an hour googling and trying to solve this one. Search for Egalite and Citoyen (citizen) didn’t help much. What helped in the end is results for royal garden in Paris. There is a Wikipedia article about Palais-Royal for this search and that led me to a landmark on the game’s map where there is a magnifying glass pointed at a little cannon. This is what the last two verses of the riddle refer to and where I found the solution rune on the ground. There is a murder investigation here as well for those that have the gold edition of AC Unity.

3rd Riddle Solution

From the stones of a fortress breached,

A Concord built to span the divide

From where the minds of men gather

To where their necks are severed.

This one had me stumped for quite a while. I thought it had something to do with the Bastille but what helped in the end was mention of a Concord that spans the divide. I figured it must be a bridge and I saw a landmark of “Pont de la Concorde / Révolution” on one of the bridges in the west part of the map. Going there brought me to the solution of the third riddle and completion of the whole Aries Enigma.


  1. For the first one that the solution is the Louvre is also given by the “Become a shelter for the beautiful” line: it’s a museum since revolutionary times.

    For the second the last two lines are useless, but “By the spirit of Égalité” is telling: Philippe, Louis XVIth’s brother, owned the Palais Royal and had opened it to the public. During the revolution he changed his name from Philippe Bourbon to Philippe Egalité, hence the clue.

    The third one did have a connection with the Bastille, the bridge was built with stones from it. Knowing that is not really needed though as the Concord line gives it away.

    1. The last 2 lines in the second are not completely useless. They refer to the solar cannon that fires at noon every day. The glyph is found right underneath it.

      1. I know they arnt

  2. This sh!t is deep bro. Thanx for the good work.

  3. You guys overthink this game. You really don’t need any historical knowledge to figure these out. All the clues were almost obviously referenced in the database descriptions. You just had to take a little time to skin them to find the right location.

    1. Exactly! I thought I was the only one who used the database articles since even a guideliner like this one says he had to look it up online. Only the second riddle wasn’t literally mentioned in the database but as soon as you knew that Helios is the god of the sun then you should be able to figure out that it was loated at the noon gun in Palais royale.

      1. Nope I love reading each of them. And when clues like these pop up it sparks my brain so I remember where I saw it. 😁 these are fun to read though, it just tells you who doesn’t read the location info while playing the game!

  4. Helios was the god of the sun.

    The most destructive power of the day was a cannon.

    So, the sun ignites the cannon. This is a time piece that existed in the Palais-Royal, where the sun set off the cannon at midday. It wasn’t operated by a person.

  5. Thx so much, I would have never done this on my own

  6. It’s nice to be pointed in the right direction without being given the answer directly. Thanks. It made some the really hard ones a little less frustrating to find.

    I will say, though, in case you do this for another AC game, that it’s usually faster to avoid the internet if you mean to directly solve to solve an AC puzzle without cheating, like you’ve done. (Very impressive, btw).

    For example, in the second aries clue: The in-game Palais Royal description mentions the change to the name “Paalais Egalite”, and a time piece featuring a small cannon triggered by the sun (Helios is a word ostensibly meaning Sun), and that is was a daily party, implying that the citizenship was always welcome in the garden. (All palaces had gardens, when gardens were the thing..)

    That was probably more obnixious than helpful… Sorry. But awesome work, and i’ll e back for witcher.

  7. Hey I suck at understanding riddles so this helps me out a lot!! Thanx a bunch

  8. Haha.. I had discovered the answer to the third riddle with the information of the second one.. when it says of the spirit of equally and that the citizen is welcome to the gardens I figured out that it was the path that would bring the citizens to where the revolution was. When said the the mighty Helios wakes up every day I knew that the sun would come exactly from where the bridge stands and it leads to where humans were destroying.. them I went to the bridge and there was the sign.. then I thought to myself that the ac unity riddle had just become interesting because of the complexity of them.. but I couldn’t do anything hahahaha then I realized that was the final one.

  9. I have no of the viewpoints done and I can still do this that’s how good it is

  10. Hey! I’d just like to say a huge thankyou to you for helping me to finish these riddles!!

    I managed around 8/9 of them and I dare say I could’ve done all of them? ( if I’d have done the research!!)
    But I’m lazy to be honest lol so thankyou soooo much!!
    Ps. I’d just like to say to all these so called history buffs on here bragging how easy it was for them “ why the hell are you even using this guys guide??” Don’t be D**ks! Least he did the hard work and put it on here to help the young kids ( I’m 44 by the way!) and the people who are not as brainy as you Nerds ?! Sure u know who you are!!??????

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