Algebra 2: Section 1.1 – Parent Functions and Transformations
Algebra 2: Section 1.1 – Parent Functions and Transformations

Big Ideas Math Algebra 2 Exam Review CHAPTER 1–Editable

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This worksheet packet reviews the concepts in sections 1-1, 1-2, and 1-4 of Big Ideas Math Algebra 2 (Larson/Boswell). It is in Word and PDF formats for easy printing and/or editing.

The concepts included are:

  • Parent functions and transformations (1-1)
  • Transformations of linear and absolute value functions (1-2)
  • Review substitution and elimination, learn solving linear systems with three variables (1-4)

There are 31 questions total for students to practice for a semester exam.

I have also included my handwritten answer key as a reference.

I included both a Word and a PDF version of the Review for ease of printing and editing.

I usually give students one period to work on the packet in class (finish for homework if needed), then the next day they can check it and we can discuss any questions they have.

This is part of a review system that I do with my students to prepare for the semester exam over chapters 1-4. I give one chapter a day, then give two days for them to do the “overall review”. By the time they get to the exam, they are fully practiced and ready to succeed.



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