Jayden Broke Hahaaa
Jayden Broke Hahaaa

Boy Has Brutally Honest Answer To Math Question

“Pax was doing math in homeschool where they’re learning to count money. He recognized that the math question had a familiar name, Jayden, which is also his cousin’s name.”

“Pax was doing math in homeschool where they’re learning to count money. He recognized that the math question had a familiar name, Jayden, which is also his cousin’s name.”

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This week, a priest who proposed to a congregant, a husband lying about why he’s sending his spouse on a vacation alone with two young kids and a letter writer campaigning to get a neighbor to either fix up their house or move.

Each game is only five minutes long, so it’s the perfect distraction while you’re bored.

Can you guess what his favorite carnival snack was?

Use these three tips to help unlock your brain and your future potential.

Femke Bol led Holland’s big charge with two big overtakes as the team upset Jamaica and the world to take home the 4×400 relay at the World Championships.

Tom visits the Bat’a Skyscraper in Zlin, Czechia, for one reason — to see an office. The boss’s corner office is on every floor, because it’s just an elevator that goes up and down.

In an excerpt from his new book, “The End of Reality,” the author warns about the curses of AI and transhumanism, presenting the moral case against superintelligence.

New York’s Francie restaurant owes so much of its success to just one dish: A 30-day aged roasted duck that’s to die for.

Explore some useful ways to help children with homework, bullying and mental health.

Only one of these li’l guys is a special snowflake. It’s up to you to find the caterpillar without a twin.

On a recent Conan interview, Liam Neeson reenacted the priest’s over-the-top response to something just about every teenager does.

A security researcher has found it’s possible to reveal a Skype app user’s IP address without the target needing to even click a link. Microsoft said the vulnerability does not need immediate attention.

Jxmy Highroller imagines a world where basketball added a 4-point line to the game, and who would benefit most from it.

Investing in a Gold IRA can protect you against inflation. If you’re interested in learning more, Goldco has all the information you need to get started.

In a game between the Padres and the LA Dodgers, both Blake Snell and Manny Machado got super pissed off at some borderline calls and then yelled at the umps excessively. Jomboy breaks it all down.

Pope Francis says they have replaced faith with ideology and that Catholic doctrine allows for change over time.

An amateur hamburger challenge nearly turned fatal for an unlucky patron who thought they could take it on with ease.

People taking weight-loss drugs Ozempic and Wegovy report a dampening of the urge to drink. Here’s how the drugs curb cravings and what that could mean for helping treat addiction.

The show borrows one of Michael Moore’s oldest tricks — and understands how it really works.

The Northern California region was once known for its fruits and vegetables, but early in the 20th century it became a hotbed for the world’s intellectuals, and eventually the tech capital of the world.

A viral Tiktok trend that began in 2021 demonstrated how the companies failed to install a basic anti-theft technology that made them trivially easy to steal.

Andy Moore had a hilarious reaction to learning he had caught a 90-million-year-old fossil in the Missouri River. (From 2022)

“The World Atlas of Coffee” by James Hoffmann has 272 pages of fascinating information and beautiful photos of every step of the coffee creation process.

Crank this video to 4K at 60 frames per second, turn on fullscreen mode and get ready to feel your stomach drop.

Hundreds of ginger-haired people from across the world took part in the three-day Dutch gathering.

Relying on a few snippets out of context isn’t enough. Everyone deserves to see Martin Luther King, Jr.’s most notable speech in its entirety.

Waves of COVID will keep coming. Here’s how to live with them.

A good place to start if you’re looking to add some budget-friendly things into your itinerary.

You can get started a lot easier when you have a clear visual of what’s going inside of this clear lock.

Domingo plays civil rights activist Bayard Rustin and Rock plays Roy Wilkins in “Rustin,” a biographical drama produced by the Obama’s, which releases on September 13, 2023.

It’s five months into the regular season and all 30 Major League Baseball managers that started the year with their respective teams are all still employed.

Jesper Hellström had a bit of a hilarious misfire during his triple jump attempt in the European Championships. (From 2022)

Generative AI allows fans to “talk” to their favorite characters, drawing comparisons to everything from roleplaying to fan fiction. But do they actually want to outsource all the fun to AI?

New experiments show that the brain distinguishes between perceived and imagined mental images by checking whether they cross a “reality threshold.”

In May 2006, Guy Goma was invited to do an interview for a position at BBC’s IT department. In a mix-up for the ages, he was accidentally brought on the air as a purported technology expert and his reaction was priceless.

A number of younger-than-average men are coming to Queens.

The Overlook Cottage was designed to be a vacation home akin to a summer short-term rental.

One of the best bands ever performs one of the grooviest songs live, straight from 1980 to your computer screen. Or phone screen, either or.

Returning to the US Open after last year’s electric run and crushing defeat, the boundary-busting American thinks he can win it all — and make tennis cool.

Slavery still very much exists today, and nearly 50 million people worldwide are trapped in it.

Tailored to accommodate their needs, this paludarium features a flowing stream, botanical elements and intricate details.

Including someone who takes their Diet Coke habit far too seriously.

Only one person drinking? Your friend ordered the lobster? Bon Appétit asked etiquette experts how to split the check and avoid paying more than your share.

While it might seem like a novelty, this wild guitar mod lets a wide variety of notes ring out while you still have easy access to the basic six strings.

Has there ever been better meme fodder than a booking photo of the former president?

We rounded up the most criminally under-appreciated, critically acclaimed animated movies that you most likely haven’t seen, or maybe even heard of, so you can have a weird and sad time.

Sarah Hammer went viral after recording her daily routine on campus and the challenges she faces living with AFM.

Spoiler alert: don’t use baby-talk or ask them, “so… how’s school going?”

Try these three simple tips a New York bartender swears by.

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