IQ Ball Walkthrough Cool Math Games
IQ Ball Walkthrough Cool Math Games

Fluffies like to catch red candy! Get through all the obstacles and catch the candy!
Based on the hit Flash game, Catch the Candy features a lot of levels to complete and achievements to unlock. Each set of levels has unique features to vary the gameplay: hot beaches with tropical palm trees, city parks, and streets, and even some forest lands! This is the funny physics action puzzle IQ ball game! But remember, even this creature sometimes needs a break from eating candy to play outside!
On every stage you have only one goal – to catch the candy and eat the tasty red ball. Fluffies use their long tongues to grapple things and drag them closer. To catch the red ball, fluffies will often solve a puzzle.
Game features:
• Many levels set across multiple different worlds
• Unique physics-based gameplay
• Colorful cartoon graphics
• Hidden ‘Easter Eggs’ to uncover
• Based on the hit Flash game
The fluffy won’t give up its quest to get the elusive red candy. Using the tail and the sucker, make your way to victory, get through all the obstacles you meet on your way, and catch the red candy balls.
The Fluffy is ready to complete colorful levels of the puzzle and catch all the candy! It’s time to start an exciting adventure with a candy-loving fluffy and catch the delicious red ball. Plunge into the fantasy world of one of the top puzzles and catch the candy!
Do you want to find all the parts of the Catch the Candy puzzle?
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