Snowman Counting Winter Math Activity
Snowman Counting Winter Math Activity

Counting with Snowballs is a simple roll & count math activity perfect for winter theme. Its develops hand-eye coordination, allows practice with counting and 1:1 correspondence.

What you need

  • Blue Felt mat
  • White Felt Snowflake (optional)
  • White Felt Tree (optional)
  • White Felt Snowman (optional)
  • White Pompoms or Cotton Balls
  • Dice

How to

  • The object of the game is to roll the dice, count the dots on the dice/recognize the number displayed (depending on what dice you use) and place the correct number of snowballs (pompoms) on the felt mat.
  • We used a large dice which had dots on it. Counting the dots was a good exercise to practice 1:1 correspondence. If using a small dice, counting the dots might be difficult for kids. You could use dice with numbers instead – develops number recognition.
  • The felt snowman, snowflake & tree was just to add more interest to this roll & count game. You could just use blue construction paper instead. Also try using tweezer to pick and place the snowballs for a simple fine motor twist.

Miss A(3yrs) enjoyed this activity alot. At our home we do some “point and count” on regular basis, but she always rushes through and skips counting when it comes to big numbers. So we used a dice with 1-6. Depending on your childs needs you can use dice with larger numbers or use 2 dice to even try adding numbers. 👍 With the dice, we used “point and count” & when placing the snowballs(pompoms), we used “drop and count”. She loved to create a scene everytime – decorating the tree with snowballs or decorating the snowman with snowballs and so on. Each time she had a story. 😀 Counting has never been so enticing for her before. May be its rolling the dice or the story part. We were playing this for solid 30 mins. Miss D(2yrs) is not ready to count yet, but she enjoyed rolling the dice (because she has to do whatever A does 😜) & placing snowballs on the mat to create a story. It was more like story board for her 😀

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