Playing crazy eights on
Playing crazy eights on

Play the Classic Card game in many variations and modes
Crazy Eights 3D has awesome 3D graphics, easy controls, it is fast paced, extremely addictive and fun to play. The objective of crazy eights is to get rid of all the cards in the hand before anyone else does. Match the cards by color or by number and try to be the first one who will get rid of all the cards and win the game. Unlike the classic game you do not have to declare uno and there are not challenges for more fluent games. You can play on your own in offline mode or join online games and play against many players around the world.
The game works in both Portrait and Landscape orientations.
Supports from 2 to 8 players in classic mode and 2vs2, 3vs3 and 4vs4 in team mode.
Every day Free Coins
The more you play the more coins you get. In this game you will always have enough coins for everything you want to do. On top of that every few hours the present box will be ready for you with fresh coins.
Quick Game
Play offline and relax. You do not need internet connection, just open the Quick Game and start playing against computers. You can choose if you want to play in solo(classic) or in team mode. It is highly recommended to play with a teammate, collaborate and achieve a team victory.
Go on Crazy Eights Adventures
Pass all the levels in the adventure to win the treasure. Many different types of missions are available in the adventures. Some require solo skills, others require collaboration with your partner.
Every day new Missions
Eight missions are ready for you every day. Pass them all and win the daily treasure.
Multiplayer with people worldwide
Join the online online game, and enjoy playing with a lots of people worldwide. You will always find interesting people who enjoy playing Crazy Eights with you. Get social by chatting, sending emojis and presents. A great way to interact with other people.
Play with Friends and Family
Invite your Friends for an Online game. Chat, send Emojis, send Presents and reactions. Enjoy the full social experience with the people you love. Choose a cute 3d animal friend that will cheer for you and it will be sad if you lose.
Join the Tournaments
Several tournaments are always ready for you to join. Different objectives and great way to earn a lot of coins. End up in the first 10 and get a good reward. You can join the blitz tournaments that last 30 minutes or join the marathon tournaments that last 3 days.
Skip: Skips the next player.
Reverse: Flips the direction of playing.
+2: Your opponent gets 2 extra cards.
Wild Change Color: Can be played at any time. Lay it down and pick your favorite color.
Wild +4: Swaps colors and give the other player four extra cards.
Booster cards can be played any time, even if you do not have them in your hand.
Super Wild Change Color: Changes the color.
Super Wild Draw Two: Makes each of your opponents draw two cards.
Cards Stackings: If this option is turned on then you can stack +2 and + 4 cards. Many people like this option and it was implemented on the request of the fans of Crazy Eights.
Draw until available: If this option is turned on then the player in turn draws cards until it has available cards to play. This is an option the Switch players like.
Shield: The Shield protects you against the +2 and +4 cards.
Backgrounds: Enjoy the variety of 3D environments. From normal tables to nature and dream environments you can find the environments that you enjoy the most. Plenty of colorful 3D immersive environments are waiting for you.

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