BEST Horror movie quiz | 40 movie killers to guess from their picture | How many do you know?
BEST Horror movie quiz | 40 movie killers to guess from their picture | How many do you know?

Decades of Horror Movie Trivia Game

Determine which Horror Movies were released in which decade to win this trivia game.

How well do you and your friends know Horror Movie trivia?
Well our printable Decades of Horror game challenges how well they know when these Scary Movies were released.

Decades of Horror includes over 40 different Horror Films released from the 1920’s through 2014 and guests simply have to decide what decade films like Scream, Halloween, and Friday the 13th were released. While Decades of Horror sounds easy as a trivia game you’ll be surprised how challenging it is when you get down to the final 5 to 10 movies.

Decades of Horror
Our Halloween Decades of Horror Movie Trivia Game is good for adults and those that watch R rated movies. Party Game Ideas includes Decades of Horror Game sheet, Answer Key, Instructions and Tie-Breakers. Adobe needed to print pdf.

Halloween Decades of Horror
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Decades of Horror Movie Trivia Game

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Our Horror Movie Trivia will challenge film buffs and those who love scary movies. Since this is a matching game where you only need to place the movies into the correct decade where they were released, most people assume that this game would be easy however we have found that it it hard to get them all right! And if that happens we have a tie-breaker for you.

This printable Halloween film trivia isn’t just about getting all the answers right, it really is about socializing and talking about scary movies and which ones give you chills and nightmares. When we played Decades of Horror, the best part was after the game when everyone talked about which movies they thought were the best and guests were adding films to their Netflix list. It really was a perfect way to get our guests socializing and talking about horror movies.

We hope you enjoy our Halloween Decade of Horrors Movie Trivia game and share it on social media.

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