Multiplying Fractions | 5th Grade Math
Multiplying Fractions | 5th Grade Math

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If you’ve been looking for a way to challenge your students that was simultaneously accessible for all students but still challenged your high flyers, then you’ll love the problems on my Open Middle Depth of Knowledge matrix. I’ll be releasing each grade level separately but if you want to see all of them now, you can download high quality, printable PDFs by clicking the button below.

It includes:

  • Elementary & Secondary matrix (a selection from 8 grade levels)
  • Elementary matrix (kindergarten through 5th)
  • Secondary matrix (6th grade through calculus)
  • 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2 matrices (separate matrices for each grade level)

You’ll notice that the first problem in the column is traditional and familiar. It’s something you’d expect students in your class to eventually be able to figure out. Then look at the Open Middle problems at DOK 2 and DOK 3. You’ll notice that they’re on the same topic, yet are significantly more challenging. You may start to wonder whether or not your students can solve them, and what that may imply about how well they understand the concept.

  • I’ve recorded a free webinar with versions for elementary (K-5) and secondary (6-12) math teachers called Why We Should Reconsider Using Worksheets (And What We Should Be Doing Instead) where I make the case for less worksheets and more Open Middle problems like these.
  • I’ve written a book called Open Middle Math: Problems That Unlock Student Thinking, Grades 6-12 that walks you the entire process of using problems like these including:
    • how to choose a problem
    • how to prepare for a lesson
    • how to facilitate classroom conversations
    • what to do when things don’t go as expected
    • how to make your own Open Middle problems

    It’s available now in paper or Amazon Kindle versions.

  • I’ve created an online workshop called Empowered Problem Solving that I offer every fall and spring where I dive deep into how to implement these problems (and others like my real world lessons) so that you feel prepared to use them with your students.
  • The DOK 2 volume of rectangular prisms problem written by Joe Schwartz.

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