The developers of Dishonored 2 added a very brain-twisting content in the game. The Jindosh Riddle in the Mission 6 Dust District is a logic puzzle the offers an achievement once solved. However, many players are having a difficult time solving the said riddle. Luckily, someone finally cracked the puzzle.

The Jindosh Riddle In Dishonored 2

The characters including the colors, homes, drinks, and heirlooms in the Jindosh Riddle change position in each time the player opens it. This seems very hard for everyone since there are five elements to consider, written in two long paragraphs. If you try to solve it randomly, it will take you a lot of combinations before hitting the solution. Luckily, a guy on Reddit cracked the ultimate solution to the Jindosh Riddle.

The women sat in a row. They all wore different colors and (Lady 1) wore a jaunty (Color 1) hat. (Lady 2) was at the far left, next to the guest wearing a (Color 2) jacket. The lady in (Color 3) sat left of someone in (Color 4). I remember that (Color 3) outfit because the woman spilled her (Drink 1) all over it. The traveler from (Home 1) was dressed entirely in (Color 5). When one dinner guest bragged about her (Heirloom 1), the woman next to her said they finer in (Home 1), where she lived.

So (Lady 3) showed off a prized (Heirloom 2), at which the lady from (Home 2) scoffed, saying it was no match for her (Heirloom 3). Someone else carried a valuable (Heirloom 4) and when she saw it, the visitor from (Home 3) next to her almost spilled her neighbor’s (Drink 2). (Lady 4) raised her (Drink 3) in a toast. The lady from (Home 4), full of (Drink 4), jumped up onto the table, falling onto the guest at the center seat, spilling the poor woman’s (Drink 5). Then (Lady 5) captivated them all with a story about her wild youth in (Home 4).

The Solution To The Jindosh Riddle

The combination to open the Jindosh Lock is entirely based on the order the elements appear in the riddle leaving us Lady 1 with Heirloom 3, Lady 2 with Heirloom 4, Lady 3 with Heirloom 2, Lady 4 with Heirloom 1, and lastly Heirloom 5 for Lady 5. You can now open the Jindosh Lock with the right match of ladies and their heirlooms. It does not matter which order of answers you put into the lock as long as the ladies and heirlooms are matched correctly.

For everyone who is curious about the full solution, you can look at the table made by Candidate88766 on Reddit. For more about Dishonored 2, you can read this guide on rune locations throughout the game. Dishonored 2 is still available starting $59.99.

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