Tik Tok Beautiful Gender Reveal Ideas Best Gender Reveals
Tik Tok Beautiful Gender Reveal Ideas Best Gender Reveals

Here’s my DIY version of a favorite classic that you can play outdoors! A DIY Outdoor Tic Tac Toe board game that’s perfect for any of your outdoor spaces.

So by now you’ve heard it a million times. We’re building a clubhouse. And you’re probably skeptical about whether or not it’s ever going to be completed. To be honest, some days I am, too! In our defense, it’s like a million degrees here most times so we have to take a break during the weeks it’s 112. You know, because that’s hot. So between the heat wave weeks and the regular just really hot weeks, we’ll get it done. For now, I’m amusing myself with the details.

Rug ordered: check. Chairs and little sitting poufs: check. Outdoor lighting and marquee letters from Target: check. Now all they need to do is finish up their Jolly Roger flag and then we’re ready….for mom and dad to finish the actual clubhouse. Until then you can see how I made this Outdoor Tic Tac Toe game for practically free on on Real Housemoms.com today.

And just so you won’t think this whole clubhouse thing is a figment of my imagination here’s a sneak peek from this weekend where boys enjoyed the sprinkler in the sandbox underneath. And see, there’s the ladder. Proof we’re really are working on it! Hope you’re having a great summer. Ours is over after this week!

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