4-In-A-Row Classic Coolmath Gameplay
4-In-A-Row Classic Coolmath Gameplay

Editable Penguin Four in a Row Game Free Printable

This penguin four in a row game is editable so you can use it to work on sight words, math facts, letter sounds and more! Add it to your winter centers!

So many ways to use this Penguin Four in a Row Game

The kids are going to have a blast with this editable sight word game!

Simply type in any words you want one time and the game board will auto populate with those words.

Students use strategy and develop critical thinking skills to try to get 4 in a row while also learning sight words. So it’s jam-packed with learning opportunities while also being tons of fun.

This game isn’t just for sight words though. You can also type in math facts, numbers, letters and more!

You can even use it to work on phonics skills! Type in blend words, words with digraphs, simple CVC words, or words with any other phonics rules you would like to work on.

As you can see, this one simple print and play game can be used in SO many ways.

Easy Differentiation for Students

This also means that it is very easy to differentiate for your students’ individual needs.

It only takes you a few minutes to auto populate a game for each group or level.

You can easily tailor a game specifically to one individual child who needs more reinforcement or one who needs more of a challenge.

Another awesome thing about this game is that you can easily print the black and white version to send home with students so they can play with parents or siblings for extra practice.

This is much more fun than flash cards or copy work.

My hope is that this gives you a way to meet the needs of every single student in your classroom while also saving you lots of time. Rarely do the two go hand in hand, but I truly feel like games like these make what seems impossible, very possible!

Setting Up the 4 in a Row Game

Supplies Needed:

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  • The Penguin 4 in a Row Printable (button to download at the bottom of this post)
  • Mini erasers, counting chips, buttons, snap cubes, or any other small manipulatives
  • Write and wipe pockets or a laminator and lamination sheets

Getting this game ready to play is very easy! I like to just print and slip into write and wipe pockets.

If you would like to laminate them, that will be an additional step.

That is all. The game is ready to be used again and again!

Playing the Editable Four in a Row Game

This game is very easy for students to learn how to play. If they have played Connect 4 before it is even easier to understand.

Students will take turns picking a space on the mat and reading the word, answering the math fact, saying the sound the letter makes, etc. Then they will cover that space with a manipulative.

Going even further students will need to think critically and employ strategy to try to get four spaces in a row covered while also blocking their opponent from getting four in a row before they do.

I bet your students are going to love this! My kids beg to play it. Seriously. They ask nearly every day lately. And because I can type anything into the spaces, it never gets old.

I hope you and your students enjoy it!

Click the button below to get the FREE editable penguin four in a row game!

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