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Editable Snowman Four in a Row Game Free Printable

Do your students love learning with games? This editable snowman four in a row game is perfect for working on a variety of literacy and math skills!

Snowman Four in a Row Game

This editable snowman board game will be a super fun addition to your math or literacy centers all winter long. Since it’s editable, you can create several games that kids will love! You can make different game boards for different skills, such as sight words, CVC words, phonics skills, spelling words, vocabulary words, letters, numbers, math facts, number sense, and more!

Creating these game boards using the editable feature is simple. All you need to do is type your words, numbers, or skill of focus into the list on the first page of the activity. All of the spaces on the game board will auto-populate for you so you’ll be ready to go!

As students solve the task on each space on the game board, they’ll apply problem-solving strategies and critical thinking skills to figure out which spaces they should solve to get four in a row. This snowman four in a row game is jam-packed with learning fun and great skill practice.

Quick and Easy Prep

This snowman four in a row board game is quick and easy to prep. Once you type in the words, letters, numbers, math problems, etc., onto the first page of the activity template, all you need to do is click print and you’re ready to play with game boards created right before your eyes!

Want to save time and plan ahead? Create several different game boards all at once to use throughout the season. Just be sure to save them with a different file name so you know which is which. In just a few minutes, you can be set for the rest of the winter months! You can create different board games for different skills and board games of the same skill, but at different levels to differentiate for your students.

This four in a row game printable also comes in color AND black and white so you can use it even if you don’t have access to color printing.

Store your game boards in labeled file folders so that you can easily access the skill and level you need throughout the year.

Differentiated Snowman Activities

Since this four in a row game is editable, differentiation is easy. You can use the same game board for all of your students but tailor the skills to fit the level they’re at. Once they know how to use the game board, they’ll be successful in using the board in the future, even with different skills.

Here are some ideas for differentiating with this Snowman Four in a Row board game.

  • Students roll a dice, move that many spaces, land on a letter and say its sound.
  • Students will roll a dice and move to the space with the same number on it. (Can use 6-sided dice, 10-sided dice, or even ten frame dice.)
  • Students roll two dice, add the numbers together and move to a space with that sum on it.
  • Players will roll a cube with a letter written on each side and then move to space that matches the letter rolled.
  • Students will roll a dice, move that many spaces, land on a word and read it out loud.
  • Players will roll a cube with blends or digraphs written on each side. Students roll the cube and move to a space with a word that includes that blend or digraph.
  • On a cube, write 1 on two sides, 2 on two more sides and 3 on the remaining two sides. Students roll a 1, 2 or a 3 and move to a word with that many syllables.

Another way to differentiate is by using different types of game markers on the game board. You can use items such as mini-erasers, pom-poms, clear game markers, manipulatives, marshmallows, cereal, bingo dabbers, etc. (If using bingo dabbers, you will not be able to reuse the board).

Setting Up the Editable Snowman Board Game

Supplies Needed:

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  • The Snowman Four in a Row Printable (button to download at the bottom of this post)
  • Mini erasers, counting chips, buttons, snap cubes, or any other small manipulatives.
  • Dice or spinner
  • Write and wipe pockets or a laminator and lamination sheets.


  1. Type in letters, numbers, sight words, spelling words, math facts, or anything else into the first page of the PDF file. There are 12 spaces to type in.
  2. Print the game board and slide into write and wipe pockets for durability OR laminate them.

The game is now ready for your students to take on their first opponent!

Playing the Four In A Row Game

Students will catch on to this game very quickly, especially if they’ve played Connect 4 before!

Students will roll the dice or spin a spinner and move that number of spaces on the snowman game board. They’ll land on the space and solve the task, either reading a word, saying a letter sound, solving a math problem, etc.

If they solve it correctly, they’ll choose a manipulative and cover the space. Now it’s the next player’s turn. The object of the game is for the students to get four spaces in a row filled, either vertically, horizontally, or in a diagonal line. They must strategize where to place their game pieces in order to block their opponent from getting four in a row and to work towards a four in a row themselves.

The first player to successfully get four in a row is the winner! Students can then clear their game board and play again or switch partners or game boards to work on a different skill!

Students will get a ton of great skill practice with this game, but they’ll also practice critical thinking skills and cause and effect as they apply their strategy of getting four in a row while blocking their opponent from achieving four in a row first. They must always be thinking ahead and assessing possible scenarios. As they play with different partners, they even get to work on collaborative skills and sportsmanship, which are key social skills.

I hope your students enjoy this snowman four in a row board game this winter as they master key math and literacy skills! Feel free to get creative and use this during your winter fun centers or as a social skills game! If you come up with a new skill or way to use this game board, share it with me!

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