Guess The Horror Movies – Trivia Quiz
Guess The Horror Movies – Trivia Quiz

On this page I am sharing a scary Free Printable Horror Movie Trivia Quiz for adult Halloween party. The guests should have some extensive knowledge of Horror movies to score good in this game. You can easily print this game using your home printer. This game will add up to the Halloween fun of the adult family members if you want to play it as a family game.

How to Play

Print and distribute these very scary Horror movie Trivia Quiz cards among the participants along with a pen or pencil. Ask them to choose the right options from the list and write in the space given in front of the questions. These are multiple choice questions so there are bright chances of guessing the right answers. Assign them a time limit of 5 minutes if you want. The person who answers the most questions correctly will be the winner. Click here to download the answer sheet.


Free Printable Horror Movie Trivia Quiz

This is a free printable for this Horror movie trivia quiz that will be enjoyed by horror movie lovers. Just click on the thumbnail image of the game and then right click and save the bigger image.

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