matchstick puzzle #shorts #puzzle #youtubeshorts #math #riddles
matchstick puzzle #shorts #puzzle #youtubeshorts #math #riddles

There are many Mathematical Brain Teasers on this website. However, Matchstick Mathematical puzzles were missing until now. In the last few days, we have created many matchstick-based puzzles which need to be solved using mathematical skills. Today’s matchstick puzzles are designed for kids and for people who are first time doing these kinds of puzzles. In these matchstick picture puzzles, one has to move only one matchstick to solve the puzzle. Check out Matchstick Picture Puzzles for teens in which one has to move two matchsticks to solve the puzzle. Also, check out Logical and Tricky Matchstick Picture Puzzles.

How to Solve Fun Matchstick Maths Puzzles

In these matchstick puzzles, you are presented with the mathematical equations with the matchsticks. Most of these math equations will not be correct. Your challenge is to move exactly one matchstick in each of these puzzles to make the equation correct. For some of the puzzles, there may be multiple ways to solve the equation.

The answers page to these matchstick puzzles is given below. In case you can solve any of these puzzles in a different way, please write your answer in the comment section of this post.

Answers to the Fun Matchstick Maths Picture Puzzles

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