GED Math: Mastering the Formulas
GED Math: Mastering the Formulas

GED Math Curriculum

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GED prep teachers: Year 2023 will be the most productive for your GED math class.

This is your complete curriculum in one and new resources were added 6-19-2023 and are not sold separately in the store. Your students who wish to take the new GED test cannot do without this bundle. You will never find this quantity of resources in an expensive GED prep book.Quite frankly, this product’s price is beyond crazy because if you bought each resource separately, it would cost over $300 in my store.

This is a total GED program in one. All of my GED math resources are included in this bundle, so you can save tons rather than buying individual products.

The zip file contains 2000+ pages of great resources for GED prep teachers. There are lesson plans, whole units, study guides, syllabi, tons and tons of worksheets with answer key, quizzes, tests, formula sheets, games, task cards,lesson plans, and a GED Cheat Sheet that is not available anywhere in my store.

New and updated GED resources are added every couple of months and this alone makes this bundle worth the price.

Additional files added recently include my best-sellers:

Addition and Subtraction Worksheets

Multiplication and Division Worksheets-Baseball Theme

Adult Ed Fraction Word Problems

Order of Operations-Basic-Advanced

Best High School Math Test Ever

Measure Area, Perimeter, and Volume

Metric and Customary Measurement Worksheets

Principal, Interest and Balance Worksheets

Brand New GED Math Test-200 Questions

Includes lesson plans, syllabus, worksheets, pre-test and GED post-test, notes study sheets, and plenty of quizzes.

The topics include:

i. Basics-Worksheets A,B, I

a. Number Values

b. Basic Operations

c. Rounding and Estimating

d. Mean and Median

e. Powers and Square Root

f. Properties of Numbers

g. Order of Operations

h. Using a Number Grid

ii. Word Problems-Worksheets A, B

a. Steps to Solving Word Problems

iii. Decimals-Worksheets 1, 2, F

a. Adding and Subtracting Decimals

b. Multiplying and Dividing Decimals

c. Scientific Notation with Large and Small Numbers

d. Decimal Word Problems

iv. Fractions Worksheets 3, 4, 5, C

a. Adding and Subtracting Fractions

b. Multiplying and Dividing Fractions

c. Fractions-Decimals Conversion

d. Fraction Word Problems

v. Ratio and Proportion-Notes & Worksheet 6

a. Definition of Ratio and Proportion

b. Ratio and Proportion Word Problems

vi. Percent-Worksheet 7

a. Percents, Decimals and Fraction Conversion

b. Solving Percent Problems

c. Percent Word Problems

vii. Measurement-Worksheets D

a. Customary Measures

b. Converting Measurements

c. Scales, Meters, and Gauges

viii. Data Analysis, Statistics, and Probability-Worksheet G

a. Graphs and Tables

b. Probability

c. Statistical Analysis

ix. Basic Geometry-Worksheets 10-19 P,Q,R,J

a. Common Geometric Shapes

b. Perimeter and Circumference

c. Area

d. Solid Figures

e. Volume

f. Triangles

g. Similarity and Congruence

h. Pythagorean Relationship

x. Basic Algebra-Worksheets 20-25, M, N

a. Working with Signed Numbers

b. Simplifying Algebraic Expressions

c. Solving One-Step and Multistep Equations

d. Writing Algebraic Expressions

e. Using Algebra to Solve Word Problems

f. Using algebra to Solve Geometry Problems

xi. Advanced Topics in Geometry and Algebra 20-25,M,N, P,Q,R,J

a. Coordinate Plane

b. Linear Equations

c. Slope and Intercepts

d. Multiplying and Dividing Monomials

e. Factoring

xii. Practice Tests

a. Assorted Math Skills

b. GED Prep

If you’re happy with this product, you can find other great resources at My Store. Please check contents before purchasing any other math resources, because it is most likely included in this bundle. I also have great GED language arts and science resources.

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