Building A Report Card Comment: Grade 2 Math
Building A Report Card Comment: Grade 2 Math

Grade 1 Ontario Mathematics Report Card Comments

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Completing the Mathematics subject area portion of the Grade 1 Ontario report card has never been easier! Make this normally time-consuming task a breeze with our Grade 1 Ontario Mathematics Report Card Comments! This product contains the following helpful resources:

• Math (Number; Spatial Sense; Algebra; Data; Financial Literacy) Report Card Rubric & Next Steps

– PLEASE NOTE: This subject has been updated to include comments for the new 2020 Math curriculum.

• Report Card Qualifiers Chart

Note: All rubrics contain levelled sample comments (Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Level 4) to help you easily match your comments to the grade provided on the report card. These are distinguished not only by qualifiers but also by the difficulty of the skills at each level. In addition, our comments are written in an anecdotal format and not in point form or a list.

For your convenience, all comments have been created in a Word document so you can easily cut and paste or edit them to suit the unique needs of your students. Happy reporting!

*DISCLAIMER: There may be some significant overlap between our Grade 1, Grade 2 and Grade 3 Ontario Report Card Comments and Next Steps when the expectations are similar in nature.

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