Tic Tac Toe Football Wall! ⚽️🎯
Tic Tac Toe Football Wall! ⚽️🎯

When did the toe show up in tic tac toe?

Have you ever typed a word and it looked weird?

Like it didn’t belong.

And you checked it and double checked and spell checked it and friend checked it and random person walking by checked it to make sure it was spelled right. But even then. Even after all that checking and rechecking it still didn’t look right.

That was me with tic tac toe.

Somehow in my brain it was tick tack to? Or tic tack too? Or tick tac too?

I’m not sure about the spelling, but the project?

It’s one of my favorite ones we’ve ever made.

Here’s how to make a DIY over-sized, three-dimensional, interactive tic tac toe board.

How to Make an Over-sized Tic Tac Toe Board


wood letters

1/2″ dowel rod

wood glue

4 metal L brackets

4 1″x 3″ pine boards 39″ long

12 1″x 3″ boards 12″ long

gray paint

I started the project with these wooden letters from Hobby Lobby.

Wait until they go on sale because you’ll need ten.

Five Xs and five Os.

Next, take a 1/2″ dowel rod and cut into 1″ long pieces.

Using a 1/2″ drill bit, drill holes into the bottom of the letters.

One for the Os and two for the each of the stems of the Xs.

Then using wood glue, glue the dowel rods into place.

Let dry.

Paint your Xs and Os in a paint color that matches your room.

I went with gray.

Obvi. 🙂

Using 1″ x 3″ pine boards, build a frame for your tic tac toe.

Here are the measurements for the frame.

4 boards 39″ long.

12 boards 12″ long.

Lay out the frame with the longer boards as support and the smaller boards as horizontal pieces in the frame.

Nail together as shown.

Stain the board frame.

Attach metal L brackets to the sides of the frame for support.

Once your frame is put together, measure the bottom of your game pieces and drill three holes in the bottom of each square.

Make sure they are evenly spaced and the game pieces fit in place.

Use the center hole for the O.

And the two outside holes for the X.

We made this board for the House for Hope.

You can read all about the project here.

I’m installing everything in the room next week and I can’t wait to show you the finished space.

There’s a few more DIY’s I’ve been working on for the room that I need to finish first.

I just hope they are easier to spell. 🙂

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