Coolmath Games: Papa’s Cheeseria #1 (OLD VIDEO)
Coolmath Games: Papa’s Cheeseria #1 (OLD VIDEO)

How to Play Papa’s Freezeria – Coolmath Games Guide

How to Play Papa’s Freezeria – Coolmath Games Guide

Of all of the cooking games here at Coolmath Games, Papa’s Freezeria is probably the most popular. Oftentimes, it gets even more popular than the original version of the game, Papa’s Pizzeria.

After being unplayable for a couple of years due to Adobe Flash Player no longer being supported, Papa’s Freezeria is finally back! Players can at last indulge in the sweet fun of Papa’s Freezeria.

However, Papa’s Freezeria can be a little bit complicated to play. After all, running your own freezeria is no small task, especially when you have been left completely alone to do every single task. This involves taking orders, pouring the ice cream, adding the flavors, putting on the toppings, and serving it up to hungry customers.

How to play Papa’s Freezeria

There are a few main components to Papa’s Freezeria, with the first being taking orders from customers. Once you write down the order, make sure to put it on the ticket line so you can read it while making the order.

Soon after taking the orders, you will have to add on the toppings of the sundae. Try your best to add the toppings as evenly as possible, whether that be whipped cream, chocolate drizzle, or sprinkles.

Papa’s Freezeria Strategies

It can be hard to execute every part of Papa’s Freezeria effectively. However, we have strategies on how to play Papa’s Freezeria that will help you get some big tips and run a successful freezeria.

Be quick but don’t hurry

Oftentimes, players will try and go so fast that they end up making mistakes and creating a worse sundae. This will result in lower tips and an overall less successful order. One of the keys of how to play Papa’s Freezeria is to go at a fast pace, but don’t start flailing around trying to go as fast as possible. Try to go around 90% speed, which should help keep all of your movements smooth.

Accuracy matters

When making the sundaes, it is important to do your best at each component. This means sprinkling the toppings evenly, stirring ice cream the proper amount, and even adding the correct amount of chocolate syrup.

All of this will be noticed by the customer, which will result in how good of a tip you get. It is easy to get wrapped up in how much time it takes to finish an order, but accuracy is just as important. Keep this in mind when making the sundaes.

Get familiar with the toppings

Players can save a lot of time if they familiarize themselves with the location of each topping. Instead of having to scan the entire screen over and over to find whatever object they need, it saves tons of time to go directly to the item you need.

We recommend that you start doing this during the first round when you have a lot of time to complete orders, as well as a small number of orders to complete. Take a solid minute or so to get a feel for the format of the sundae-making station. It will benefit you in the long run, we promise.

Keep track of tickets

It can be easy to mix up who has what order. Make sure to pay attention to which ticket you are working on to ensure that there are no mix-ups. Double-check that you have the right ticket before you give the sundae to the customer.

So now that you know how to play Papa’s Freezeria, get out there and start playing now! Just follow the strategies, keep calm, have fun, and we’re sure that everything will end up well. After all, it’s a game about making sundaes, it’s pretty much impossible to have a bad time!

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