Fallout 76: The NukaShine Walkthrough- Solving The Riddle
Fallout 76: The NukaShine Walkthrough- Solving The Riddle


Fallout 76 has been soaring as of late with numerous updates, and the most recent DLC being released for players to jump into.

If you’re new to 76, than one of the most tedious quests that you’ll have to complete is the Wasted on Nukashine mission.

We’re going to walk you through how to complete this one!

How To Complete Wasted on Nukashine

This quest is quite the complicated one, as players will need to solve numerous steps without any real direction, making it more of a riddle than anything.

But, completing this one, will allow you to consume your own beverages that you’ve made! So, might be worth it afterall.

We’re going to run over how to complete this quest step by step down below, and while it shouldn’t take you too long, it’ll be worth it in the end.

  • Interact with a Party Poster

    • These can be found in most civilian areas or near stations
    • Or, purchased free at the Atomic Shop
  • Head over to “Frat House, Pi” near Fraternity Road and handle the monsters outside
  • Go upstairs, and there should be a Nukeashine message somewhere in one of the bedrooms
  • Consume the bottle on the desk
  • Read the label of the bottle you blacked out from
  • This is where the riddle is located
  • Next, head over to Morgantown, and more specifically, Big Al’s Tattoo Parlour
  • The Nuka Cola machine in the breakroom is a secret passage
  • You’ll than be instructed how to brew beverages
  • The other half of the list is within the Supply Locker
  • The keyword for this terminal can be found within Eta Psi House, and within Judy’s Personal Terminal
  • Then, you learn the ingredients for the beverage, and will be able to begin crafting

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