Drunk Irish People Try A Spelling Bee Competition
Drunk Irish People Try A Spelling Bee Competition

Beginning in May, lovers of linguistics and lexicons will be able to show off their spelling skills in an epic drunk spelling bee battle. Wheelhouse will kick off Boozy Bee, a tipsy spelling bee series that will take place every Friday night between 9 and 11 p.m.
Boozy Bee will continue over the course of five weeks, with each week determining three finalists. The winner of each week will receive a $100 gift card toward a bar tab at Wheelhouse. They, and the other two finalists of each week, will move on to the finals, which will be May 31. The winner of the finals will receive a $500 private dinner for six at Wheelhouse.
Local clown Isaac Young will host the competitions and provide crass, humorous commentary throughout the events. Mistress of ceremony will be Michelle Padgett, editor of The Joule’s online and print publication.
Spellers will also have the ability to phone a friend, ask the audience or cut the word.
The first of the Boozy Bees will be held Friday, May 3 at 9 p.m. To register, email [email protected] with your name and the date you would like to register. Each Boozy Bee will be limited to 20 pre-registrants with at least five spots available for walk-ons. Boozy Bees are free to participate in.
If you can’t make this drunken adult spelling bee, believe it or not, it’s not the only one in town right now: There’s a Deep Ellum spelling bee at 6 p.m. Wednesday, May 30 at Three Links, and winners will walk away with gift cards to Deep Ellum businesses and tickets to upcoming shows.

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