BEST ULTIMATE MEGA TRIVIA QUIZ GAME | #9 | 100 General knowledge Questions and answers
BEST ULTIMATE MEGA TRIVIA QUIZ GAME | #9 | 100 General knowledge Questions and answers

The Toronto Trek Celebration 2 convention was held in 1988. It was “a place where people could go to see and do all sorts of fascinating things.” (ID that for bonus points.) One of those things was the Official Star Trek Trivia Quiz.

To qualify, attendees had to answer 10 preliminary questions. The first 15 people to score a perfect 10 would be invited to compete in the big quiz.

I only got nine right. See how you do.

Page two the flyer announcing The Official Star Trek Quiz. This page has the questions

I list the answers below.

The quiz was sponsored by the Handy Book Exchange, a Toronto institution that opened its Avenue Road location in 1982 and closed its doors in 2018, following the sad footsteps of many bookstores.

A photo of the outside of the Handy Book Exchange in Toronto, showing some renovation work being done beside the store

Here are the instructions for the qualifier quiz.

Page one the flyer announcing The Official Star Trek Quiz. This page has the rules.

I miss Toronto Trek

Toronto Trek, originally called Toronto Trek Celebration, was important to my early fandom, and I miss those gatherings. The atmosphere at a Toronto Trek was extremely friendly and collegial. The big commercial cons, like Toronto’s Fan Expo, are excellent and, yes, friendly and collegial in their way, but they really focus on parting people from their money. There were lots of opportunities to spend money at a Toronto Trek, but that’s not why you were there. You were there to meet people who love what you love. They were special gatherings.

I plan to write a number of articles detailing the history of Toronto Trek.

And now, the answers

A screenshot showing Leila Kalomi from the Star Trek episode This Side of Paradise

1. Vulcan term for blood fever: plak tow, Amok Time

2. Kirk’s nephew: Peter Kirk, Operation — Annihilate!

3. The actress who played Leila Kalomi in This Side of Paradise: Jill Ireland

4. The instrument used by Zor Khan: the atavachron, All Our Yesterdays

5. The two combatants from Cheron: Lokai and Bele, Let That Be Your Last Battlefield

6. Gem’s planet: Minara II, The Empath

7. Balok’s ship: The Fesarius, The Corbomite Maneuver

8. Weapon Spock uses to “kill” Kirk in Amok Time: the ahn-woon

9. Who said “I am putting the bag on Krako” and in which episode: Kirk, A Piece Of The Action, and the quote is actually “I’m going to put the bag on Krako.”

10. Spell the name of the grain on K-7: quadrotriticale, The Trouble With Tribbles

The one I flunked: Gem’s planet. I could not remember the system named in the episode so, fair enough, I missed that one. But it’s an odd question, because I don’t think Gem was actually from Minara. The Enterprise travels to Minara II to evacuate the Federation research scientists posted there before the star goes nova, but it is presented as otherwise uninhabited.

I think Gem is from somewhere else. The episode takes place on Minara II because the scientists were convenient subjects for the Vians’ research.

I would not have qualified for that trivia contest. Gem would have tripped me up.

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