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What does it take to be a top university? Some universities are ranked better than others and it is considered common knowledge that the top ones are usually also the richest ones. These institutes carry out a lot of research and are responsible for ground-breaking discoveries. According to Times Higher Education (THE), considered as the most trusted of the ranking systems, research efforts account for 30% of the score achieved. There are 5 Assessment Areas (listed) with 13 performance indicators (not listed).

This work proposes a cohesive approach to assess the degree of commitment and institutional coherence of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in the United States to address the challenges posed by sustainability. Taking into account the Administrative, Social & Cultural, Academic and Operational dimensions of their institutional environment, the conceptual framework proposes an assemblage of indices to measure the commitment, parity and institutional coherence of selected institutions to a set of sustainability actions conceived to reflect internationally established concepts and recommendations understood as the essentials of sustainability. A scrutiny of specific prominent metrics used to evaluate sustainability performance constituted the basic criteria to select the assessed institutions. Although the degree of commitment of these HEIs was ranked as High, the results reveal a concerning lack of adherence in their implementation of social and cultural activities aligned with the sustainability actions proposed. Also, a significant dissimilarity is identified in the degree of coherence for different categories of the stratified analysis. Addressing the environmental impacts that emerge from the ordinary operation of these institutions, the study also discusses the concerning level of consumption of water and energy, GHG emissions and waste generation.

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