Spiral Staircase – Parametric Modeling
Spiral Staircase – Parametric Modeling

Loveland $51,632.00

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ADA Accessibility

✓ ADA Compliant

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ASTM F1487-17 CPSC Guidelines #325

Product Description

For those big, busy parks and playgrounds that need the kind of all-in-one play space able to entertain dozens and dozens of kids at once, let us introduce you to Loveland. This expansive play system has everything school aged kids could dream of for their exercise-filled entertainment. Slide lovers will have more choices than they know what to do with as they race between the Spiral Slide, the Wavy Slide, the Left Turn and Right Turn Slides, and two Straight Slides. Meanwhile, those who love a good climb will enjoy the Vertical Ladder and Octagon Straight Rung Horizontal Ladder, not to mention the Inverted Arch Ladder, Pixel Climber, and especially the Vertical PE Rock Climbing Wall. Any child who loves a good game of tag or a chance to just open up and run will find plenty of deck space and stairs, allowing them to race up to the 96-inch top section of the play space. Those kids more interested in a little mental stimulation will love the instruments for pretend and discovery available, such as the Rain Wheel, Ship’s Wheel, and Half Math Panel. In short, whatever kind of play a child is looking for, they’ll find a lot to love about the Loveland play system.

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