Math About Me Poster Grades 3 – 5


Let your students create their own MATH ABOUT ME poster. They will record many numerical facts and draw or add a photo of themselves, too. This back to school MATH ABOUT ME activity is a fun way for kids to introduce themselves and to compare data with their classmates. Extend the learning by having students graph the data from the posters. For example, they could complete class graphs of the number of siblings or number of birthdays in each month, among many others.

  1. MATH ABOUT ME poster with Trellis pattern
  2. MATH ABOUT ME poster with Circles pattern
  3. ME IN NUMBERS poster with Trellis pattern
  4. ME IN NUMBERS poster with Circles pattern

Use the 8.5 x 11 size, or shrink/enlarge. These posters make a nice display on a bulletin board or as part of back-to-school nights.

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