Memorization Trick for Graphing Functions Part 1 | Algebra Math Hack #shorts #math #school
Memorization Trick for Graphing Functions Part 1 | Algebra Math Hack #shorts #math #school

Math Chart | Math Reference Sheet

What educators are saying


This quick reference sheet will be perfect for your FIRST GRADERS or SECOND GRADERS to keep in their homework folder or classroom folder.

How to use it?

Print this resource put it in a page protector or print double-sided and laminate for longevity. Your students will be able to use these sheets independently to practice different math skills. My students have a classroom folder in their desks; one side is labeled “incomplete work,” and the other side is labeled “completed work.” It also includes this chart. They know to pull out their classroom folder right away when they are done with something early and get to work.

It can also be used for identification, math centers, or matching!

What’s included?

Sheet #1

  • Colors
  • Shapes
  • Number Words 1-20
  • Number Words 30-100 (by tens)

Sheet #2

  • 3-D Shapes
  • Coins- penny, nickel, dime, quarter
  • Base Ten- thousands, hundreds, tens, ones
  • Expanded Form
  • Left and Right Hands
  • Fractions- whole, halves, thirds, fourths
  • Tally Chart- 1-10
  • Number Chart-1-120
  • Number Line- 0-20

Black and White versions of both sheets

UPDATED: 12/27 – Added a second sheet with 3-D shapes, coins, base ten, expanded form, left and right hands, fractions, tally chart, number chart, and number line.

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