3-Digit Subtraction with Regrouping – 3rd Grade
3-Digit Subtraction with Regrouping – 3rd Grade


Math is Big Strands and Objectives

3rd Grade Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills

In 3rd grade math, there are over 150 knowledge and skills for you to teach and for kids to master.

That’s 150 PLUS math concepts you have to teach… gulp… to third graders… double gulp… in less than ten months… YIKES!

One way to manage everything you have to teach is to organize the concepts by math strands and objectives.

Use this resource to help you plan for the year.

Lay out the strands.

Lay out each objective for each strand.

Identify what’s there, what you want to add (if anything), and what order you’ll teach everything.

Then… share the strands, objectives, and plan with your kiddos. Have them write down the strands and objectives as you introduce them during the school year. Have them track everything they’ve been taught, what they’ve mastered, and what they need to improve.


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