MUST HAVE Posters for Every Middle School Math Classroom
MUST HAVE Posters for Every Middle School Math Classroom


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This set has 78 beautiful, letter-sized posters related to mathematics. Decorate your classroom and provide students with excellent reference points for specific content.

The posters include:

a. Perimeter

b. Area

c. Volume

d. Area of a Triangle

e. Area of a Circle

f. Circles (Measurement Description): Diameter, Radius, Circumference

g. Circles (Formulas): Diameter, Radius, Circumference

h. Circles (Facts)

i. Surface Area of a Cylinder: Formula

j. Surface Area of a Cylinder: Example Problem

k. Volume of a Cylinder: Formula and Example Problem

a. Division

b. Multiplication

c. Multiplication as Repeated Addition

d. Multiplication Rules

e. Order of Operations

f. Factors: Description

g. Factors: Ways to List (List, Rainbow, Tree)

h. Multiples

i. Lowest Common Multiple

j. Lowest Common Denominator

k. Greatest Common Factor

l. Fractions: Definition and Parts

m. Fractions: Equivalent Fractions

n. Ratios

o. Ratios: Equivalent Ratios

p. Place Value: Whole Numbers

q. Place Value: Decimal Numbers

r. Decimals

s. Percent: Description

t. Percent: Calculating Percent

u. Averages: Description

v. Averages: Sample Problem

a. 3D Shapes

b. 2D Shapes

c. Shapes: Regular & Irregular

d. Shapes: Describing/Geometric Properties

e. Shapes: Describing Examples

f. Angles: 6 Types

g. Triangles: By Side Length (Color/Colour Coded)

h. Triangles: By Side Length (Not Color/Colour Coded)

i. Triangles: By Angle Measurement (Color/Colour Coded)

j. Triangles: By Angle Measurement (Not Color/Colour Coded)

k. Coordinate Grid: 4 Quadrants

l. Coordinate Grid: Describing Points (Ordered Pair)

m. Translations: Definition

n. Translations: Example & Explanation

o. Reflection: Definition

p. Reflection: Examples

q. Rotation: Definition

r. Rotation: Examples & Explanation

a. Patterns: Defintiion

b. Patterns: Properties That Change

c. Patterns: Describing

d. Patterns: Representing in T-Charts

e. Patterns: Repeating

f. Patterns: Decreasing

g. Patterns: Increasing

h. Equations: Definition & Examples

i. Expressions: Definition & Examples

a. Types of Data (First-hand/Second-hand)

b. Types of Data (Discrete/Continuous)

c. Collecting Data (Survey/nterview/Observation/Online Tools)

d. Displaying Data: Types of Charts/Graphs

e. Mean

f. Mode

g. Median

h. Probability: Definition (Theoretical/Experimental)

i. Probability: Representing/Calculating

j. Probability: Adding

k. Probability: Multiplying

l. Graph Elements (Parts of a Graph)

m. Bar Graph

n. Double Bar Graph

o. Line Graph

p. Circle Graph (Pie Chart)

q. Pictograph

r. Tally Chart

All clipart and images were developed in Microsoft applications by Take Your Time Resources with the exception of a few. They have been noted in the credits document.

The terms of use are also included in the package.

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