Jacksonville funeral home fails to turn off live stream of service; Family says they have no closure
Jacksonville funeral home fails to turn off live stream of service; Family says they have no closure

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From the hour of death until the deceased final disposition, the Mather-Hodge funeral director is there to help you through a difficult time. We will serve as an advisor, an administrator, a supporter and a caregiver. Our funeral directors can also answer questions about coping with death, recognize when a person is having difficulty accepting the loss of a loved one and recommend sources of professional counseling for those who need it.

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  • 7/28/2023

    Director Anthony & his team felt like the family we needed to make an amazing memorial and to keep moving forward through our bereavement. He gave us options at ever step. Anthony made timely arrangements with the USMC, Catholic Church, flower shop and many short times special requests. His communication was excellent. His team is also excellent – from the greeting staff, hearse transport, limo drivers and even the valet.

  • 11/29/2022

    An element of caring not seen in all funeral homes today is certainly present here. Wonderful caring staff available for when they are needed most!

  • 9/24/2022

    Our family is so grateful to Albert III and the staff at Mather-Hodge in Princeton for their wonderful and caring service that helped our family navigate all that needed to be done after our mother’s passing.

    Al really made this difficult, emotional moment for us stress free and handled all matters with such grace and proffesionalism.

  • 8/19/2017First to Review

    Al & John are taking such wonderful care of us during a dark time. I spoke with Al previously about preplanning my mom’s funeral, unfortunately we didn’t finish the plans before we lost her.

    I dug through my notes and called Al after her sudden passing, at a total loss as to how it works and what to do. He effortlessly guided me and handled things. Knowing they were taking care of her has been such a comfort.
    I brought a jumbled mess of an obituary in and John turned it into something beautiful. I am so grateful. I wholeheartedly recommend Mather-Hodge

  • 12/31/2020

    I cannot say enough how much Anthony and the team at Mather-Hodge were so very much appreciated by me and my family at the time of my mother’s passing. Professional, friendly, and accommodating, but most importantly compassionate and sympathetic, my family and I felt they truly cared, and were focused on providing practical guidance as well as emotional guidance. My mom passed the Monday before Christmas, and without hesitation or objection, Mather-Hodge did everything they could to make arrangements for a service on Wednesday the 23rd – two days before Christmas. At a time I am sure they would have enjoyed being with their families, Anthony and team were there by our side, helping us honor my mother. First class business. Excellent people.

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