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Learning about how to use numbers is an important life skill for children to acquire. It is a basic talent and one of the best ways to help children learn this skill is to give it meaning by applying it to themselves and their life. Counting, seeing values, and quantity are needed in everyday life and are a vital basis for further Math education. Our Maths About Me worksheets will help children understand numbers in relation to things they can see and quantify without it having to be an abstract concept. In addition to this, we have free Math about me posters for your children to use. Both the templates for the Math About Me worksheet and posters can be downloaded in the format of a pdf and printed off at home. ( DOWNLOAD GIRL VERSION ) ( DOWNLOAD BOY VERSION )

Maths About Me Worksheets

Learning about numbers for children is about teaching them about the value of numbers, what quantity means, and differentiation between numbers. Children have the natural ability to understand value and quantity but an easy way to show it is to show them it in everyday examples such as family. Numbers can come in many different formats and can be used in multiple contexts; this worksheet aims to identify some of the situations your child may come across numbers and how to interpret and understand them and in the future use them.

Giving numbers meaning, such as age or number of siblings, can help children visualise numbers and see them in the real world, making it easier to learn understand and imagine.

Math About Me worksheets and posters are here to help your children understand the concept of numbers in relation to their lives and in a fun way. We have added creative tasks to help your child see how the numbers we are talking about come to life! The Math About Me workbooks and posters have both a boys and girls template to download. This worksheet is printable and downloadable.

Details of the Maths About Me Worksheets

The worksheets have vivid colours and 8 pages of activities relating to everyday use of numbers. This worksheet lays down a great foundation for children to see how numbers can apply to them and the world around them. The activities do not just cover basic numbers but challenges the children to think about their responses and use other skills such as spelling.

  • Letters of your name

The title page asks children to write their name and then using the letters count up how many letters are in their name. This will help practice their counting and writing skills.

  • My age

The sheet then asks the child their age. They are asked to circle their age, there is a written option as well as a numerical value. This will show them that numbers can be written in both letters and numerical form and how the numerical value looks when written.

maths about me activity how old i am

  • My birthday

The next activity focuses on dates. This is perfect for children to see how numbers are used in day to day life. It then goes on to ask how old they will be on their next birthday, this will get your child to think about the future as well as using their addition skills. They are asked to draw the candles on the cake, this will help them show quantity and value.

my birthday ctivity worksheet

  • My favourite Number

The workbook goes on to look at the child’s favourite number, it asks them to write it in numerical form and letters. This activity is designed to help the child with the understanding of how it looks in both concepts as well as spelling.

Maths About Me Worksheets favourite number

  • My Family

The following exercise asks how many brothers and sisters they have. This task has been designed to help with their counting while making it relatable to them and visual.

  • My shoes

The shoe size page helps children understand how numbers are used in the real world. It also gets them to use their creative colouring skills to design their own trainer.

Maths About Me Worksheets shoe size

  • My Teeth

The next activity looks at the teeth the child has lost. This is a great visual representation of numbers and counting. The child can physically do this in the mirror and then colour in on the mouth the teeth they have lost, this will test their visuo-spatial skills by correctly transferring the teeth they have lost to the picture.

  • My Pets

The final task asks children about how many pets they have this once again test their counting skills. It goes on to ask them about which pet they have. This activity also helps them with identification of pets and can show them value and quantity.

Maths About Me Worksheets

Free Printable Maths About Me Posters

The Math About Me poster is a colourful, 1 page, interactive and printable template. It covers similar topics to the worksheet. It looks at your child’s age, favourite number, shoe size, birthday date and number of letters in their name.

This poster also comes for both girls and boys to print off and complete.

math about me poster


The main difference is the fact that the poster does not have the related activities to the worksheets, it might be used as a quicker activity for slightly older children who do not need more detailed activities to visualise the numerical value.

Like our maths about me worksheets?

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