Matt Riddle’s personal life hasn’t been so good as of late, unlike his professional life. In 2020, Riddle was accused of sexual assault by indie wrestler Candy Cartwright. Although Riddle was acquitted of the charges, his personal life only got worse. Now, it seems that Riddle has a new lady in his life, and she’s quite a choice for the Original Bro.

Matt Riddle and his wife Lisa Rennie separated last year and got divorced earlier this year. Riddle’s personal life, which was in shambles, became the topic of Seth Rollins’ heated feud with Riddle.

While Riddle’s professional life has always been on a rise, it finally feels like his personal life may be getting better as well. Since his divorce, it appears that Riddle may already be dating someone.

It appears that Matt Riddle is dating adult film star, Misha Montana. Misha Montana posted a picture of the both of them making out on her Instagram stories.

Riddle last wrestled on Monday Night RAW last week, when he was brutally attacked by Solo Sikoa following their match. Riddle had to be stretchered out of the arena and taken to a medical facility, thus indicating that Riddle will be off television for about six weeks. It seems that he has some company to help him recover.

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