7 IB Math IA Method Ideas!!!
7 IB Math IA Method Ideas!!!

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The purpose of this investigation is to explore if there is a correlation between the amount of baking soda used and the height of banana bread, when all other variables are held constant.

Journal of Cereal Science

Effects of Flour Composition, Physical Dough Properties and Baking Process on Hearth Loaf Properties Studied by Multivariate Statistical Methods

2000 •

Journal of Cereal Science

Influence of Starch Granule Size Distribution on Bread Characteristics

1998 •

The granule size distributions of starches isolated from eight bread wheat flours were determined. Breads were baked from the same flours by varying fermentation time, mixing speed and work input according to a central composite experimental design. Response surface equations were calculated for the bread characteristics loaf volume, weight, form ratio (height/width) and crumb firmness. Multivariate regression (PLS2) was used

In exercises requiring estimations or approximations, your answers may vary slightly from the answers given here. 1. (a) The point (−1, −2) is on the graph of f , so f (−1) = −2. (b) When x = 2, y is about 2.8, so f (2) ≈ 2.8. (c) f (x) = 2 is equivalent to y = 2. When y = 2, we have x = −3 and x = 1. (d) Reasonable estimates for x when y = 0 are x = −2.5 and x = 0.3. (e) The domain of f consists of all x-values on the graph of f. For this function, the domain is −3 ≤ x ≤ 3, or [−3, 3].

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