DIY | Math Activities For Preschoolers
DIY | Math Activities For Preschoolers

When it’s cold outside, warm up inside with this winter math counting activity. The adorable oversized mittens and colorful buttons are perfect for young learners who are developing counting skills, number identification, and who also need to practice their hand-eye coordination.

How to make this Winter Math Center:

  1. Copy the large mittens (get the free download here!) onto brightly colored paper. (Astrobrights brand is always a favorite!)
  2. Cut out the mittens and laminate as desired.
  3. Add small bowls of colorful buttons. For the safety of younger children, substitute pom-poms or other manipulatives for the buttons.

How to Differentiate this Math Center

  • Students who are still learning their numbers and how to count sets will benefit from having the dots already printed on the mittens.
  • To make this center more challenging for students who have already mastered number identification, print the mittens without the corresponding dots.

The students choose buttons to cover the dots as they count and identify each number. They point to each button and count to check their work. This reinforces the number and quantity.

Mitten Matching Bulletin Board

Symmetrical Mittens Art Project

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Mitten Match Interactive Bulletin Board


Interactive Bulletin Boards are more than just a classroom decoration! They are a versatile, vertical, very awesome learning center. Use this Mitten Match bulletin board with your students to introduce matching, letter or number identification, and early writing skills.

Includes blackline templates for the mitten. Print them on colorful paper or cardstock. Also includes differentiated recording sheets for upper case letters, lower case letters, numbers, and blank mittens.

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