The mountain is gradually narrowed and your mission in this game is to move skillfully through obstacles until you complete the Mountain Hop game at First, you need to be familiar with the way in the game and understand the obstacles that will appear on your way. Sharp obstacles will break if you set foot on it. Therefore, be careful to move most flexible in the game and avoid all enemies if you don’t want to be eaten.

Calculate the most accurate way of moving when you join this special game. With the first move, you can completely change and avoid obstacles to draw experience for later play. Some gaming tips will help you with this special game. If you are familiar with how to play the game, you can absolutely get the highest score and have the most exciting relaxation moments that this game brings. Don’t miss the game if you want to explore a new land in your free time at Abcya 2 online.

Share with your friends if you love this game. In addition, we help players to join the game without being bothered. You will be comfortable playing games and saving the latest games in a collection of exciting games that you can join in your free time. The mountain will shrink and you need to move until you reach a safe place. Stay away from obstacles that make you lose in this game. We also suggest players join other similar games like Wheres My Avocado Draw Lines and Sky Diving. You can unlock all levels with your special ability today.

Instruction to play:

Use left or right arrow keys to move or you can move the mouse and left click

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