QUIZ TIME #2 | Multiple Choice Trivia Questions To Test Your Knowledge
QUIZ TIME #2 | Multiple Choice Trivia Questions To Test Your Knowledge

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Multiple Choice Trivia

Entertain your readers with Ric Allport’s Multiple Choice Trivia.

Ten questions each day, all with four possible answers.

Author: Ric Allport

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Fancy a job with ASIO or the CIA or any other secret or not so secret government agency? Take the? Code Crackers? challenge. If you can crack the code every time, you might be on the way to a whole new career? Code Crackers? is available 6x per week Compiled by Ric Allport All Things Trivia by Ric Allport? We call him the king of all things Trivia? (Tony Johnston, ABC National Radio) Ric has been involved in ‘all things Trivia’ since 1996 when his previous careers as a Teacher and an Entertainer melded into one and he started running live Trivia Shows for? Complete Trivia?. Soon after, he joined forces with? Complete Trivia? and co-created the trivia website? www.completetrivia.com.au? The website offers 700 brand new questions every month and each question requires anywhere from one to ten answers, continuously taking Ric’s knowledge of ‘all things Trivia’ to a new level. At the end of 2005, Ric took his world of trivia facts and fun quizzes to the ABC and, since then, he has appeared regularly on ABC National and Regional radio doing both regular and feature Trivia spots. Ric’s treasure of amazing, quirky and interesting facts gained widespread popularity with readers from early 2006 when Ric became a regular contributor to Quest Newspapers. Ric’s passion for Trivia in all areas ensures that his Trivia contributions are always diverse, and the information is always delivered in a fun and informative way. Formal qualifications include a Bachelor of Arts (Visual) and Graduate Diploma of Education. Ric’s ability to dig out obscure facts, and his love for ‘all things Trivia’, are the two things that come together to make ‘all things Trivia’ remarkably interesting and always lots of fun.

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