Making a Multiplication Chart 1-12
Making a Multiplication Chart 1-12

Multiplication Table Worksheet

The times tables are an important part of math lessons in early elementary school. Kids are expected to have the multiplication tables from 1 to 20 memorized by the time they finish elementary school. If your child is struggling with learning the multiplication table for kids, help your child learn with a chart. Once they have mastered the times tables, they need to retain the information in their memory. Math worksheets for kids like a multiplication table worksheet is a great way to help your child practice the times tables.

Printable Multiplication Table Worksheet

Here are some printable worksheets for kids on the multiplication table. Download these printable multiplication table worksheets to help your child revise the times tables.

List of Multiplication Table Worksheets

Easy 10 Times Table Worksheet

Practice the easiest of the multiplication tables, the 10 times table with this multiplication worksheet.

10 times table worksheet for kids: Free multiplication table worksheet

Check out this table of 10 chart to help your child solve the worksheet.

2, 3, 4, 5 & 10 Times Table Worksheet

Fill the missing numbers on the worksheet: Multiplication table printable worksheet

Check out these multiplication worksheets to help your child learn how to multiply.

7 Times Table Worksheet

Revise the most difficult times table, the 7 times table with this amazing multiplication worksheet.

Fill the missing numbers of 7 times table: Free Math worksheets on multiplication tables

Helpful Tips to Teach the Multiplication Table to Kids

But before you keep your kids engaged with a multiplication table worksheet, we recommend you to try the following tips. Once you complete these steps, our multiplication table worksheets will be super easy!

  • See, read and recite: Make a times table sheet and hang it in your child’s room. For this, you and your child will need to work together to write the times table. Only once it’s completed can you hang it in their room. So every time they wake up in the morning, they could look at this times table sheet and revise what they already know.
  • Start simple: Start with the simple multiplication tables first. Obviously, if you start them with more complex times tables like that of 8 or 12, they might start to doubt their capabilities. We recommend starting with 2 times table, and then 10, and then move on to more difficult ones. Once they feel more confident in themselves, you could introduce them to some multiplication table worksheets.
  • Multiplication song: Turn it into a song! Kids are likely to retain information when they’re having fun. What better way to make learning multiplication tables easier and fun than with music? All you have to do is take tunes of popular songs and replace the lyrics with the times table! Have your child learn the lyrics and sing-along to learn the multiplication tables while boogieing.
  • Play hands-on multiplication games: Multiplication games for kids are a great way to help children learn the times tables easily. For example, you could have kids play with a deck of cards. All they’d need to do is draw two cards each and find the product of both numbers on the cards. Whoever does this the quickest wins that round. For digital-physical multiplication games, check out Osmo’s all-new Math Wizard games!
  • Quiz your kids regularly: The next time you find yourself waiting for food to be delivered, or walking to the school with your child, you could quiz your kids on the multiplication table. Since there’s nothing else that’s really going on at that time, their heads are usually clear and it’s a good time to test them. If these are too stressful, try not to spring them on your kids out of the blue. Maybe you could allocate a certain day in the week to test your kids instead.
  • Practice worksheets: Once your child is fairly confident with the multiplication tables, help them practice problems using the multiplication table worksheet. Solving the problems will help them remember the times tables easily and instantly recall them when necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions on Multiplication Table Worksheet

At What Grade Should A Child Be Introduced To The Multiplication Table Worksheet?

Children usually start recognizing the numbers when they reach the age of 2 or 3. But, to introduce them to the multiplication table worksheet, you have to monitor their learning capacity and understanding level. Once they have learned the basics of subtracting and adding, you can slowly introduce them to multiplication table worksheet.

How does the multiplication table worksheet teach kids?

A multiplication table worksheet is a table that depicts the multiples of two factors. One set of numbers is entered on the left and another set is on the right. The multiples are written as a product on the right hand corner. When kids get acquainted with this pattern of multiplication, they find it easier to learn and solve the equation without any difficulty.

How Long Does It Take To Learn From The Multiplication Table Worksheet?

Usually, parents and teachers use the same teaching method for two to three weeks or 15 to 20 minutes a day. Also, this might work for a few children and may not for some. A few need more attention in terms of revision and practice to understand the concept.

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