2nd Grade – Math – Read and Write Numbers – Topic Video
2nd Grade – Math – Read and Write Numbers – Topic Video

North Carolina 4th Grade Math Test Prep: Common Core Learning Standards Paperback – 25 April 2013

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Our 2nd edition North Carolina 4th Grade Math Test Prep for Common Core State Standards is an excellent resource to assess and manage student’s understanding of concepts outlined in the Common Core State Standards Initiative. This resource is formatted into three sections: Diagnostic, Practice, and Assessment with multiple choice and open questions in each section. The material covered includes emphasis on representing and solving problems involving using operations with whole numbers to solve problems by representing multiplicative comparisons as multiplicative equations; gaining familiarity with factors and multiples using prime numbers and composite numbers; generating and analyzing patterns using numbers or shapes; understanding multi-digit whole numbers using place value and comparison operations; using place value to understand properties of operations to perform multi-digit arithmetic; understanding of fraction equivalence and ordering with fraction models and comparison operators; building fractions from unit fractions; understanding decimal notation for fractions, and comparing decimal fractions; solving problems involving measurement and conversion of measurements using system of units such as km, m, in, hr, min, sec; representing and interpreting data through shapes, line plots, fractions and/or whole numbers; understanding concepts of geometric angles and measurement of angles. These standards are covered extensively by the practice problems. This book contains over 600 practice problems aligned to each Common Core State Standard. In addition the book contains an answer key to practice problems.
Paperback: 242 double-sided pages
Publisher: Teachers’ Treasures, Inc.
Language: English

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